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1989 mako 285 - no clue

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  • 1989 mako 285 - no clue

    Hey guys, I am looking for opinions on the old split console Mako 285 that was built between 1984 and 1989. Any body here have any experience with this boat?

    I am getting ready to purchase the 1989 version. Specifically, any body know about the hull and how it handles. I've heard there not so good in following seas.

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    I have been a Mako Owner for 32 years, and currently own a 261. Although I have never personally riden in a 285 they are awesome boats. A friend of mine owned two of them. One stateside and one in the Bahamas. They are great fishing boats. The one thing that you cannot afford to do is to under power the boat. I believe the hull is rated for 600 hp. Two 300 hp Yamahas will probably be your best bet.



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      I think there was a discussion on this very topic last week. The gist of it was the same as what you have heard. The first Mako 28's were great in a head sea but did not perform well in a following sea.

      I have watched a 28 Mako running in both a following and head sea as well as ridden in them. I would agree with that analysis although the day I was out was pretty nice.

      On the whole I think the 28 is great fishing boat with plenty of fishing room and lots of storage.

      Columbus, Georgia[br]1973 Mako 17 angler \"Reel\'s Angler\"