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    I have posted a few times with little replies. I really need your opinion. I recently bought 76 22' mako with a old johnson 150. I only payed 2500 for it. I plan on selling my old boat for about 2500 and repowering the 22. The problem is I am a little hestiant in droping 9000-13000 into a 1976 boat. On the other hand all said and done, I will have a nice boat with a new motor for only 10000. With the price of new and used boats these days i feel I wouldn't find a better deal then that. Today I went to a honda, mercury, suzki, and johnspon dealer. I found The johnson evenrude had the best prices rigged and it is close to my marina. 1 My question is shoud I repower the boat? 2 Johnson 175 or evenrude 200/225 direct injection.

    Sorry for all the questions. I just alittle afraid of droping $$$ and not beening happy with the profermance of my boat. I have owned a 1972 19' for years and that boat treated me great. Drove like a tank, I guess I am afraid the bigger boat will let me down.

    If any of this makes sense to u please REPLY

    keyport nj

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    Let me get this stright?

    QUOTE: 2 Johnson 175 or evenrude 200/225 direct injection.

    You have a older 150 outboard on this boat now and you want to put

    2 Johnson 175 or evenrude 200/225 direct injection motors on it?

    let's start from ground zero. What's the boat need? Are you going to do the work yourself? Do you have a place to do it? Do you have the tools and tallent to do it?

    Rebuilding a boat is not cost effective. It's a LABOR of LOVE. Do you want to fish the boat this year? How about some pix's?

    Now why do some of us do it. Well again it's a Labor of Love and to get what we want and not finanace it. Pay as you build.


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      He doesn't want "2" 175's, that was his second point. If you love the boat repower it. Then you'll have a dependable power on a great boat. If cost is the biggest issue look for another used boat with newer power.
      1984 Mako 238, 2000 Yamaha 250[br]Long Island, NY


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        I'm sorry I was rushing when I wrote this. I would not put 2 175's on this boat. I was trying to say 175 carborated or 200 dirct injection evinrude. And I do like this boat and it is much more boat then my 19'.

        Just wanted to add, I went out on the boat today and solved some problems with the motor. And I might put off the motors for a couple of weeks and see how the boat handles. If i like it I will do the motor. Still would like to know which motor. As far as doing the work. I would have the motors mounted by a professional. I have owned a mako for about 5 years and love doing little upgrades each spring and find myself learning as I go. I do not thing i would ever attemt to do some of the projects I see on this site. i appriciate the people of this site and hope to keep learning from this great tool for mako owners.
        keyport nj


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          If you like the boat and plan on keeping her for awhile...repower. If you're going to move up in a year or two, you'd never get your money back out of it.

          As far as engines...I think a rude 200, from what I've heard, is one hell of an engine. Friends that have recently bought them claim they pack a LOT more punch than whatever 200 was replaced, and fuel consumption, or lack of, is very impressive.

          The other option would be to wait a year until the lighter, big-block rude e-tecs are out.
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