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Decals vs Placard and naming

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  • Decals vs Placard and naming

    I am looking for two items. One is a Mako decal to replace the Mako 25 placard on the stern. Marine Liquidators only has green and teal. I would like black. Also I am looking for someone to put the name on the side of my boat and would like to mimic the Mako label and shark into the name. Does anyone have suggestions??
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    You can paint the decal from Marine liquidators using model airplane I've been told. As for the shark, check ebay. They appear all the time and I'm sure the company would be more than willing to work out a deal on doing the name in vinyl as well.
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      Loooog time ago I painted a Yosimy Sam on the hood of my buddies '57 Chevy. It was done with Testors Model paint by brush. It held up very well.

      You could also have the plackard duplicated in vinal by a sign shop.

      A bunch of years ago there is a fellow I know that redid a '74 23 Mako inboard. The work was Outstanding! It had all kinds of custom pieces on it that were polished stainless. He put the factory mako badges back on the boat and to me it was a real eye sore. It just looked real cheap compaired to everything else on the boat.


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        I removed the Mako25 placards from mine while the boat was being painted. I also called Marine Liquidators and they didn't have what I wanted. I have been thinking about getting them redone in vinyl. Let me know if you do the same, maybe we can order a couple of sets.

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          Go to your local sign shop. I just redid the cowls of my Yams, cost me a total of $60 for everything from the place around the corner, as compared to about $550 from the yam dealer. Talk about rape....
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            Going to the sign shop this weekend. Will let you know how it goes.
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              I have been meaning to let the ringleader know if I can help and when I saw this post I figured I would chime in. I own a decal company and we also have a 1986 Mako 258. I would be happy to help and provide decals to the forum members who are looking for them.


              You can search by: Mako

              Let me know what people need and we can put together some type of pricing.


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                Hey Goose! Any chance you could do a Parker logo as well?

                I'd also love to have a pair of "Calvin's" for the side of my ride too. []

                Email me at [email protected] and lets discuss. [8D]
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                  How about having someone laser cut stainless in the MAKO logo??? Just a thought...Tony.
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                    That would be very classy, Tony. It would look 20 times better than an old piece of plastic.