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Fuel Smell '93 Mako 211

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  • Fuel Smell '93 Mako 211

    I have been noticing a fuel smell getting worse and worse over the past 3 months. The smell is coming from my builge and from inside my center console. The tank is 110 gallons. Am I screwed? I know that the foam is probably wet. The foam in my access hatches is wet for sure. Why is all that foam there in the first place? Any estimates on what it going to cost me to have the tank pulled and replaced seeing that it is under my leaning post, t-top and console? Do I have to use foam when I put it back in? What are my options.

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    The foam is there for flotation.

    You need to check a few things first.

    Open the small round inspection plate to get to the fuel sending unit.

    Check to see if the gasket around it is leaking.

    Check the hose's.

    There is the large one 1 1/2in fuel fill and a small one 5/8 fuel vent.

    Do you smell it more when you fill the tank all the way full?

    This is a start. We'll get you thru it.


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      I have 2 inspection hatches. One in the rear on the deck where my sending unit is. Does not seem to be a leak there but it does not look pretty. I'm not sure if you are familiar with the 1993 211 but the bait well in the the floor right behind the gas tank. Well when I got the boat 2 years ago there was open space underneath the baitwell and it seemed to be overflowing back on to that hatch and the foam would get soaked. It seems like it is constantly wet there.

      The other inspection hatch is under the console and this is where the fill hose and vent hose come in and go out. All the connections seem fine and I don't seem to have fuel on the hoses themselves but there is an extremely strong odor or fuel coming from this area.


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        I don't really think I notice the smell any more when it is full then when it is empty.


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          Well sounds like you did a good inspection.

          You know what the next step is! Pull it apart.

          You'll start with the derigging of the console. Use tape markers or what ever you need to do so that you will remember where everything goes.

          Take apart as little as possible.

          Remove the console.

          Remove the fuel tank hatch.

          Let us know when you get that far.[]


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            would it be beneficial to try and pressure test the tank to see if the leak can be determined?
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              I went through it with my 21. Smelled fuel but never saw any in the bilge. Pressure tested and it held pressure for days. Still smelled fuel so I took the tank out. Sandblasted it through my pressurewasher and sent it to the fabricator. He pressure tested it and it was fine. After 22 years it still looked great. He welded over a few spots that I pried on to get it out. Primer and back in she went. Well, the fuel smell returned. Turned out to be the aluminum fill tube running under the deck.
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                I had a fuel odor in my bilge 2 seasons ago and it turned out to be loose screws on the sending unit. I left the hatch over the sending unit open for 2 weeks to get the fumes to go away.

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                  Well there you have testament of what other guy's have found.

                  This is why I said a good inspection of ALL the fittings/connections.

                  This can save ALOT of work, if found to be a connection.


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                    Tarpon madman-

                    COnsidering that your boat is a 1993, I wouldnt think the tank would be shot already unless it was very neglected.

                    First thing I would do is replace the sending unit. My 1991 model started leaking this summer and it was the culprit. I wrote a post on how I did this a week or so back. Look around on the site under posts with "fuel tanks" mentioned in them and you will find it.

                    If it still smells after the sending unit is replaced, check your fuel line (under the floor and near the engine) and check the fill and vent tubes. If all else fails, derig, remove the console and replace the tank.


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                      A little off topic here, but I own a 1993 211 also and I am wondering what type of numbers you are getting with your 200 HP? Does your 211 have trim tabs?
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                        Anyone know where I can get the fuel tank that fits in a 1993 Mako 211?


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                          best bet, and cheapest, would to find a fabricator to duplicate it.

                          After replacing one in my '73 17', I started thinking about it. If I were to do it again, I think I'd just wire brush it and lay the old tank up in fiberglass. Why not? Plenty of boats have f/g tanks, why go through the expense.
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                            tarpon madman-

                            RTS ( I think that is their name or maybe RPS) or FLorida Marine Tanks, can make you a new tank for your boat. Depending on where you live, you also have to pay shipping.

                            You may want to check out your local marine welding shops. They can probably do it too. Just make sure that they're certified and can fabricate tanks that conform to USCG specs.



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                              I seem to have the same problem, but is usually when the boat is moving. I think it is the fill hose b/c the last time I filled her up I thought it was really empty b/c it was taking alot of fuel then when I removed the bilge plug (I don''t know why I had it in) about 2 gallons dumped out, sort of a disaster.

                              Any Ideas?
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