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    okay...looks like that old 21B needs to be repowered.

    The members on this iste have a geat deal more experience with this sort of thing so please give some advice.

    Right now I am running a 175 Johnson on five cylinders

    Weight is an issue but I would also like to have the power for this heavy boat.

    I am looking forward to reading your replies!


    1985 21B[br]Southern New Jersey

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    Most of the guys down here are running 200s on their 20s and 21s. There isnt enough weight differance to even worry about. Good axample, I went from a 140 4 cyl to a 150 6cyl the weight differance is only 85# That is about the same weight as beer and bait for a day of fishing.[]


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      Got to agree with Gary -- a 200hp is the only way to go.

      The 175hp is a good option on the 20' Makos -- but with the added weight on the 21B a 200hp is the best option. You won't work the engine as hard and for purposes of resale, it'll be a much more attractive package with a 200 on the transom.

      Good Luck,

      Prop Blast
      Prop Blast[br]Mako 224, F225[br]Tampa, FL


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        Can you ever have enough horsepower? You didn't mention how old the 175 is. Newer motors generate more power quickly, and use less fuel. I agree with the is more economical to run a larger motor easy than a smaller motor hard. Tony
        79 Mako 23[br]85 Wellcraft 18 fisherman[br]Hammond, La.


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          I stopped at Bass Pro this afternoon for a driving break...Makos were in the parking lot so I took a gander at the 22 OptiMax.

          Wow, that is one big motor....
          1985 21B[br]Southern New Jersey


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            Has anybody ever seen a 4 stroke on a 21B? The 200/225's seem so heavy and I have never seen a 21 with a 150(2 or 4 stroke) on it.
            1980 Mako21 [br] [br]Long Beach MS <\')))>([br]\"I can always find somebody to tow me back in, but I can never find anybody who will tow me out.........\"