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Outboard Tilt Problem - '93 211 w/ 200 HP Evinrude

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  • Outboard Tilt Problem - '93 211 w/ 200 HP Evinrude

    While I was tilting my 1993 Evinrude 200 HP up last Thursday I heard an unusual noise sort of like grinding. I got my engine up hooked up the flush kit and went tilt in back down and nothing. It makes a noise if i hit the up switch and it did nothing when i hit down. Yesterday I went back out there and it makes a noise when i hot the up and down switch but it still does nothing. Someone told me there is a release screw somewhere - anyone know where or how this works? Any suggestions?

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    Well to start with it's making a noise. That's going to rule out a wireing problem.

    Have you checked the fluid level?

    Yes there is a release screw. That is used when the power tilt fails and you need to raise the motor to trailer it.

    It works by turning the screw [usually a stright blade screwdriver is used] 1/4 turn and then manually pick up on the motor. While you hold the motor up, you turn the screw back the 1/4 turn and it locks it at that position.

    The screw can usually be found on the right side of the motor on the mount.

    Just look for a large stright bladed screw that may say [manual] under it.

    I'm not familial with that exact motor, but they are all pretty much the same when it comes to this.