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  • 201 fuel tank

    Hey, I am new to the Classic Mako forum. I have a 1990 Mako 201 with a bad fuel tank. Spent 8 hours today digging the old one out of the foam, Oh what fun!! Even had the pleasure of working in the rain. Anyway, does anyone know where I can locate a tank and about what one would cost? Any infomation would be appreciated.

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    You will find the answer under


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      Where are you located? Usually your best bet is to have one made locally. Just make sure you treat the outside of the tank for corrision. The link Warthog gave you should have all the info you need, but you may want to try a search as well. Ringleader posted some very good pics of his fuel tank work.

      Do you have any pics? Please post some!
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        Hey Worthog & Sailor thanks for the reply. I am going today to a local tank shop to findout about repairs or a new one. I will keep you posted on the info that I find.