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OMC Engines - Bad Years

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  • OMC Engines - Bad Years

    Could someone outline the issues with the OMC Engines. I am looking at a 96 Evinrude 175 HP -short shaft, and I never got a clear picture on the years and issues with the OMC. I know there were some outsourcing part problems, and that Bombardier pulled them out of bankruptcy ....but should the buyer beware of certain years? What was the real problem and any tell-tales to look out for?

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    Don't know the exact years (I think it was the 98, 99 timeframe), but the problem motors were the early FICHT ones, not the carb'ed motors. The 96 you are looking at is most likely carburated.

    The carb'ed motors were thirsty by todays fuel injected standards, but they were stone cold reliable. No worries there...

    The problem with lower gears being weak (the less-than-good 'outsourced' ones) were in the 1999 to 2000 era. I had a 2000 90hp OceanPro with the bad gears, but they were caught during an inspection and replaced without incident.
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      I have a '96 175 Evinrude Ocean Pro on my '76 22b Mako. I bought the unit used in 2000, and with the exception of some corrosion in on the shift shaft where it enters the lower unit (kept me from putting the boat in this weekend), I've had no problems. After I had made the deal for the engine back in 2000, the owner of the boatyard where I was going to have the unit installed, mentioned that he had another customer with the same type engine experiencing a problem with water intrusion into the #1 cylinder because of either a warped head, or bad block (I can't remember which). Needless to say, I panicked and called OMC with the serial number of the unit I was buying. They said thay didn't have any knowledge of problems with the motor of the type I was buying. I still didn't trust them but I've been running her for four years now and so far, I have no complaints (of course now that I've said that, I've screwed myself). This engine is non-FICHT. From what I've heard, don't go near a FICHT engine no matter how tempting the offer is. Anyway, thats my .02 on the issue. Best of luck on your repowering endeavor.
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        The 98 and 99 ficht 175-225 were the bad years when omc had qc problems. To buy one of these motors today one must first get the computer plugged in at the shop to check its history- the printout will tell everthing including rpms from the whole engines life. No problems withing 300 hours means a good motor, my uncle father and I have ficht motors from the problem years without a problem- great on gas too-i love them- just watch for those lemons