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    I have an 88 Mako 17 with a 115 Evinrude and this Mako Just like my older mako (1972 17) seens to sit much deeper in the water then the factory water line. Is this true of most makos. I am thinking of removing the factory water line and raising the bottom paint further up the hull.

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    Hey there-

    Your boat might be sitting lower in the water because it might be "wet". The foam flotation might be saturated with water, and the same with transom, stringers. Or, maybe you just have a lot of crap on your boat.


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      That is exactly what i am trying to find out. Not a lot of crap and the scuppers are above the water even when I stand in the rear of the boat. The swim platform is partially under water.

      Does anyone have a 17 with a 115 on the back that can measure the draft at the corners of the transom. I am hoping the waterline is just too low.

      Inspecting the foam is difficult, the couple of spaces I was able to look were fine.


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        Sounds like whoever painted the bottom originally erred on teh side of caution and painted the waterline low. If your scuppers are above water when you stand at the transom I would say you're okay.

        If I were you, I would fill the boat up with gas and have one of my buddies sit in it, and then I would wade in the water at the beach and mark the water line with a grease pencil. Then pull the boat out, dry her off, degrease the hull near the waterline, run some masking tape along the waterline and apply new bottom paint.

        Oh yeah,....don't forget to sand any gelcoat (80grit) that would be covered by the new water line.