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17' trim tabs or not?

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  • 17' trim tabs or not?

    i have a 99 17 mako with a 125 merc on it. i'm just curious, as to what would putting a set of trim tabs on it benefit me. i weigh about 200 lbs, my wife is about 105, and we usually have our dog on board.


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    Hi Tim,

    I have tabs on my 17 and use them a lot. They work well in a chop and to level the boat in general. I broke a line a couple of weeks ago and realized how much I like having them on my boat. I used Bennett tabs but I cant tell you which brand is better than another. I put my pump under my consol in my case seemed to be the best place to put it.


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      Trim tabs will make any boat ride and handle better.

      It is one of the best improvements / investments you can make.

      Bennets would be my pick. []
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        Do it -- especially if you have passengers on board.

        If you're solo in the boat, trim tabs will improve the ride; keep the bow down in a head sea and raise the port or starboard sides when running in a quartering sea.

        They will really help when the wife and dog are on board. Just a little positioning off center will through off the trim of the boat -- with tabs you can compensate. When the wife wants to move from the bow to beside you, or Fido decides to move from the starboard to the port side.

        Good Luck,

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