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  • adding a bracket

    I curently have a 1979 23ft mako and considering closing in the transom and adding a bracket. I would like to get feedback on the project,what type of bracket, boat handling, speed, etc. I am planning on purchasing new merc opti-max 225. I currently have a evenrude 225 but the merc weighs 50lbs more. I afraid the boat will sit lower in the water and cause safety issues. love this web site!

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    Hey! Sounds like a fun project. You may want to check out Eddie's (RingLeader) project pages on the main part of He's doing the same to a 21' Mako.

    I'd go with the EFI over the Opti-Max, though. Better push under a load.


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    (I know it's not a Mako, but hey, its mine!)

    Time's fun when you're having flies!
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      Pat, I own a 79 23'with a closed transom and a yamaha 250 on an Armstrong bracket no problem with draft or handeling. you will need hydrolic trim tabs .

      I will be glad to send u some pics or boat hauls ass and i dont have the worry of the low [email protected]
      Metaire, La.[br]79 Mako 23 250 yamaha


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        Helldiver Dave & Cyclops, thanks for your replys I'am trying to get as much info on this project before the saw comes out. Helldiver Dave I would love to see some pictures. Pat


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          Pat - go to the Stock and Custom boats and look at Steve Sapia's 1986 Mako 224 - ReelBuzzed. The transom on his boat is enclosed and has a bracket, but it looks like it was done simply by adding a bracket and then adding a splash guard where the motor was mounted. Not as professional as Ringleader's job is going to look but certainly another way to consider.
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            You'll never regret it. A good bracket should off set some of the weight from pushing the motor back on the bracket. You could also do what I did and cut out all the stuff at the rear of the boat and re build it with super lightweight materials... Only if your a glutton for punishment!

            Your boat is sitting there just screaming...

            CLOSE MY TRANSOM & PUT A BRACKET ON ME! id="size4">
            Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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              Want another reason to enclose the transom and add a bracket?

              I've told the story before, but I'm sure all of you have not heard it.

              The previous owner had this happen. I bought the boat 3yrs latter sitting in a field.

              The owner took the boat to the Gulf to do some scuba diving. There were 2 other guy's on the boat. The owner and guy #1 had half wetsuites on guy #2 didn't dive and had regular cloths on.

              Before I go on let me talk about the boat. A '73 231 w/ 20in shaft 175 Johnson. Chopped/nottched transom. 1- 500gph Rule bildge pump w/ plastic crap hose hooked to it. The splashwell had 2-2 1/2in rigging holes open.It has a large hatch hole to acess the batteries in the bildge. I don't know if the lid was on that hole or not. I never found out about that and it was missing when I got the boat. The boat had a T-top w/ a crows nest on it. The crows nest was taken off on this day.

              They anchored up and owner and #1 go diving. #2 stayed on the boat.

              It seems that the wind was comming from one direction and current was 180deg the other way. When the owner and #1 came up the boat had taken several waves over the transom. That put green water stright into the bildge. Owner quickly get's out of the water, but his weight on the transom helped another wave over it. He turn's on the bildge pump which doesn't work!

              He tries to start the motor, but the water in the bildge has already gotten to the batteries.

              Finely the boat takes on enough water and turtles [rolls over].

              All 3 people are in the water and clinging to the boat. They spent the night clinging to it.

              They were found the next day. Guy #2 has hypertherma set in real bad.

              He died!

              The boat was salvaged and while it was being salvaged they tore the T-top slam off the boat.

              The first thing I did to the boat was put a full transom in it.


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                None of that would have even been an issue with a full transom! Not to mention, they may have had a chance with a functioning bilge pump, but not just a 500gph... Boats this size need 1500gph in my opinion.

                My boat will have TWO 1500gph pumps. One will be hot wored to a float switch, the other will be on a switch on the dash. The hot wired one will have an indicator light on the dash as well. So if it kicks on, I'll know something has gone south....
                Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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                  I couldn't agree more.


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                    I'm going to "stoke" the conversation....although warthog's story is sad it could have been well prevented with common sense, a working bilge pump with backup, crew who knew what they were doing, etc. A full transom *may* have prevented it, but that doesn't mean you *need* one. I personally like my notched transom and I think some boats with a bracket just look plain silly. When I'm fishing I don't want a motor sticking out even further that I may have to work around during a close fight with a big fish that might be a tournament winner. Just my opinion....but I've never fished on a closed transom boat with an outboard bracked so if someone wants to try and convince me otherwise....... []

                    Now if you were going to go about it and totaly redesign the layout of the boat, that's a different story. There's no doubt that Warthog's and Ringleaders boats will be way better than the orginial design.
                    1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
                    1985 Mako 20c - sold
                    Fort Walton Beach, FL


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                      I know everyone has their own opinion about brackets. Being a dedicated fisherman, I know where you're coming from sailor. I've lost some nice kings around the motor even with it mounted on the transom. I do however like the idea of a closed transom. I too would rather be fishing than swimming.

                      For the average family boat, I really see the advantages of having the full platform for swimming, diving, skiing etc. as well as having a lot more usable room in the stern. For the most part it would be fine for fishing too as most fish are brought to gaff along side on my boat.

                      I personally want the motor on the stern and a watertight splashwell and intend on setting mine up that way.

                      An extreme design that I saw down at Wrightsville Beach, was a 23 Mako with a motor well in it. The guy net fished the boat in the ocean so the design made perfect sense.

                      I guess what I trying to say is that what I want on my boat, may look odd to others, but I respect their reasons for rigging it as they see fit. This site is so great because it gives me a chance to see the various ways that the boats are rigged out. I appreciate and respect each and every boat owner for doing his/her thing.
                      1983 Mako 224[br]Onancock, Va.


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                        Helldiver dave love to see some pic's of the boat do send.



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                          I have a 79 23 ft with a closed transom/bracket/single 250 yamaha hpdi and love it. Helldiver, please send me pics of yours. I pan to post mine as soon as I get a digital camera.



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                            None of that would have happened if the owner and the guy on board weren't boneheads. Plus they should have properly maintained the boat too.

                            Needless to say, I have twin Rule 2000gph bilge pumps. I like having the notched transom because if you take a wave over the bow in a nasty inlet, just hit the throttle and the water spills out over the back.

                            Brackets are nice, but they do require a lot of weight redistribution to get the boat to sit properly after the installation.