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Brown Trim??

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  • Brown Trim??

    I got the brown trim w/ the brown rub rail on my Mako. All my buddies keep telling me that only special edition Makos have the brown trim. Could someone please educate me with some good information on this issue?
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    I think the brown trim was standard for a few years. My '88 Mako 230 came with the brown trim.


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      My 89 had brown trim which i am in the process of having all powder coated white.
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        Brown was the standard trim color for Mako for a long time. Brown rubrail, brown aluminum frame on the console windshield, brown canvas bimini top and dodger, off-white/beige upholstery with brown piping, get the picture.

        Around 1991, Mako started offering colored trim as an option: green, blue, black and maroon were the colors I believe. I don't think there was any charge.

        The "tournament edition" Makos were a S. Florida phenomenon -- never heard of them in NC. I'm told dealers like Tuppens would rig the factory Makos and put an upgraded T-Top among a few other things on them. Had nothing to do with trim color.

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