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'80 Johnson Tilt Problem

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  • '80 Johnson Tilt Problem

    On my return today the power tilt was malfunctioning and would not power down(i.e. lower). There is no problem raising the engine, however it will not lower. When I hit the switch there is a click in pump but nothing kicks in.

    I thought I would check in to see if there are some troubleshooting steps that I have neglected to cover. Also what are the steps, if possible, to bypass the power tilt?



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    To bypass the trim you can loosen the screw on the right side of the leg. You will see a hole with a screw inset into it. Once you get it loose you can lift of drop the motor maually. In the back of your motor you will see a black box between the heads. Those are the relays for your t/t. Check to see if there is power after the relays. If you have power check for power at the top of your trim motor. If there is power your motor is likely shot.


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      If you find that you have a bad relay those are nothing more than power window relays you can purchase at you local auto parts store. for less than half of the price of a dealer. Good luck


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        Thank you Gary!!!!!!!

        This is new for me as I have dealt with inboards on sailboats for the most part. As it turned out I opened up the relay box to check them, cleaned the connections and everything worked fine thereafter. Thanks for the heads up!! Also, as for the manual override, although I did not need it, it is nice to know. A quick note on the override screw, if you loosen the screw too far you may run the risk of damaging the o-rings, 2 1/2 turns is apparently the reccomendation.

        I can't say enough about the forum, saved me bucks and gave me the piece of mind to approach the problem with confidence.