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  • TTop manufacturer in Mass

    Any one in the mass area no of a good t top fabricator?

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    If I'm not mistaked, Arktek (sp) Marine on this board is from either Mass. or CT. I think I recall him saying that he would give folks a discount from this board.
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      Here is a list of t-top manufacturers in our area.

      1) Redman Manufacturing (

      Saco, Maine.....pretty nice stuff, reasonable prices

      2) Wilson's Welding, Salisbury, MA - pretty basic t-tops. Does most of all the t-tops in Newburyport area

      3) Kent-Fab Engineering, Norwell, MA - does some pretty nice aluminum work. Eric Kent is the owner....they did the casting platform on my Mako.

      4) J&J Fabrication - Falmouth, MA - very high end fabricator down on the Cape.....very expensive.

      There are also a bunch of other t-tops guys down in the Plymouth area....who do nice work but their names escape me right now.

      If you don't mind driving....I would either go with Redman Marine or Kent-Fab engineering.


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        I'll vouch for Kent Fab. They did work for me here on site that was not marine related. As a former metal worker in all phases of machine, sheet, and welding. The work they did was first class.
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          thanks a million for the leads. Ed i remember a t top manufacturer in plymouth that had a website, i am trying to remember their name but it also fails me. thanks
          3N2, 76 mako 23, marblehead, ma[br]


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            I'm pretty sure the fabricator in Plymouth is Fast Tech. I saw some of their work at the boat show, very nice but expensive.


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              hi all, we overbuild for what is expected.........our overhead is less than alot of shelf compontents..if we can help........just ask??? thanks jim..... []
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                About 5 years ago I used a company called Capeway Welding Inc in Plymouth MA Phone 508-747-6666. Spoke directly with the President Ronald Peck. Long story short - this shop did all of the tanks for Boston Whaler when they were in Mass and they were still doing tanks for some of the big names when I used them. They are all certified Al welders and knew exactly what I needed from a sketch. But being an engineer, I took a ride to actually see the weld shop and that convinces me that they knew what they were doing as I have a metals / welding background. They installed the gas gauge sensor, presser tested, and also shot blasted the tank in preperation for the epoxy paint I put on the tank befroe going back into the "Hole" for another 28 years. I went from the standart 50 gallon (orginal 1973 Mako 22) to a larger tank (which I had the room for in the "Hole") that now holds 65 gallons with no poblems - a 30% incerease! Think I remember that the whole deal was about $550 with a week or so turn around time. Give them a call - it worked out great for me.
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