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1989 231 wire routing bow nav lite

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  • 1989 231 wire routing bow nav lite

    My new (to me) 1989 231 bow nav lite is inop. I cannot find the wires coming from the lite assy on the bow to helm.

    WIres are connected to the lite but no wires from the bow come into under the helm.

    I have accounted for every wire in there, and there are none for the bow nav lite.

    Can anyone tell me the routing of the bow nav lite wires ? ie; where they come out of to go into the helm area ??

    The wires leave the lite and run down the port side but I can't find where they exit the gunnel.



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    On my 25 there are 3/4" PVC chases that run between inspection plates on the gunnels and the deck under the console. If I recall correctly the wires are in the gunnel foam from that point forward.

    See if someone cut them off where they enter the foam inside the port inspection plate.
    Ole Joe
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      Hey there-

      My 1991 231 is right outside. I will look during lunch and will get back to you...



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        I replaced the wires from the bow light in my 25. They ran from the bow in a tube then under the deck and up into underneath the console. It was a major pain in the A$$ to get the wire out. I just connected the new wire to the old wires at the bow and pulled and pulled and pulled. The problem was that it wouldn't budge from under the console. After pulling and yanking for an hour or so, I broke it loose and was able to pull it all through.

        Good luck.

        Tom[br]Pompano Beach, Florida[br]1976 25\' Mako[br]