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1989 231 steering helm ID help

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  • 1989 231 steering helm ID help

    Hello all,

    I just purchased my first mako 231. 1989, with 225 yamaha.

    The steering helm unit is leaking from the front side. Not the fittings on the back side.

    I can not identify the helm unit. It has no markings on the backside at all except for made in canada.

    I am assuming it may be a Hynautic unit ??

    It's brown and has "P" and "S" ports with the the steering hoses installed, and two other plugged ports.

    Can anyone help me identify it, so I can hopefully reseal it before biting the bullet for a new unit.

    Thanks for your time.


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    I believe Hynautic had their model number and info on a metal tag that is adhered to the side of the pump. I had one leaking several years ago and hynautic had a rebuild and exchange program going. I don't think that they offered re-build kits.

    Anyhow, Hynautic was bought by Seastar. Seastar has Hynautic replacement parts available. Do a search for either Company and you may be able to get a replacement helm pump unit. Also have your cylinder size available. By the way, Hynautic was a great Company for parts and service. I hope Seastar carries on in the same tradition for the hydraulic systems.
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      I've had that problem a couple of times with my '89 231 and every time it has been the rubber seal under the steering wheel and nothing internal.

      Pop off the wheel, which can usually be accomplished without a wheel puller, and remove the key. There should be a plastic circular access plate with three phillips head screws. Remove the screws and panel and check the rubber seal right underneath. It is a contoured seal and not an O-ring so if your local marine dealer doesn't have it in stock ask him to order it.

      Don't let anyone tell you that you have to purchase a $50 seal kit because it doesn't contain the shaft seal, just internal components. You need the shaft seal (#225320) to fit SeaStar 1.7 and 2.4 Helm Pumps manufactured from 1984 thru 1989. That should do the trick. And order an extra while your at it and keep it for the next time. I've had to replace mine three times in 14 years.
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