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Mako 232 Problem ?

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  • Sailor
    Your best bet would be to use a garden house and just blow out the trash with water pressure. If you had to you could use a snake or even a coat hanger to losen some of the debris. It sure beats trying to take it apart! If it sits in the water and you have growth in the tub, a little cap full of bleach will clean it out...of course don't do this in the water.

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  • mako612
    started a topic Mako 232 Problem ?

    Mako 232 Problem ?

    I have a Mako 232 with a full transom. The stardboard scupper leading from the inside deck drain to the outside of the boat is halfway plug with leaves and other trash that has accumulated over the years. Has anyone taken one of these scupper systems apart if so how and any tips would be appreaciated?