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Suburban Shocks ?

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  • Suburban Shocks ?

    Mid 80s full size 1/2 ton chevy suburban towing a 74 23'Mako, how can i stop the rearend from swaying right to left ? It has the towing package, sway bar on the rear axle, new 31x10 tires 50lbs in the back tires 45lbs in front, will new shocks help it or maybe add a leaf spring[?]

    Thanks for any info

    1974 23\' Mako [br]1980 25\' Mako [br]

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    Does this only happen when you are towing?

    If so, you probably need to adjust your trailer so that there is more weight on the tongue (it should be around 7% of the gross weight of the boat, motor and trailer).

    If it happens when you are not towing, I have no idea. Sorry.


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      I think Ed is right. This sounds like trailer sway. Watch the trailer next time you are towing - better yet have someone else watch it while you drive. Or you could take the safer route and measure your tongue weight to make sure you are correctly balanced.
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