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can I put 150 hp on 1992 Mako 17?

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    Gary's got the right idea[][][]
    Doug [br]1972 Mako 19 [br]1990 Mako 211[br]Old Saybrook, CT[br]


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      I remember being at a boat show years ago in Fort Pierce, FL. I saw a Coast Guard's 'Zodiac' with an outboard motor that exceeded the boat's recommended HP rating. When I the guy standing at the boat representing the CG that day I never really got a straight answer.
      Steve 171 Mako[br]Jupiter, FL.


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        I have run up to a 140 on my 17. but for all around economy and middle of the curve acceleration and proformance the 115 in my opinion is the best compromise with weight vs fuel consumption
        1973 17\'Standard[br]1999 115 Yamaha 2 stroke


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          I have a 2004 140 suzi 4 stroke on a 94 171 and it's great. Like you said, the weight is the same (6 pounds less actually) as the 115 and I don't regre tthe extra power for a minute. Get the 140!!!
          Corpuscruiser[br]Northern AL[br]\'94 171


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            Thanks Corpuscruiser... I was 99.9 percent leaning toward the 140 HP. That's what I'm going to go with...

            I've been reading and picking-up valuable information from ClassicMako. I just hope my project boat comes out a nice as many I've seen on here.

            I continue to pick up piece parts for my boat until which time I can actually work on it. The boat is in FL. I'm in CT. I want to keep it mostly a 'classic' 171 with some of my own personal changes.

            To date:

            I've rebuild the teak hatches, picked-up a piece of new teak for the seat's backrest. (Airline inspectors must have loved seeing those hatches in my luggage when I brought them back to FL.)

            Bought a 'Sea Star' hydraulic sterring system (with custom sterring wheel).

            Bennett 810 tournament trim tabs (black)

            Taco rub rail

            Had a friend of my son paint the hull with Alwgrip's - Aqua Mist.

            New Float-On trailer

            VHF handheld

            Telescoping boarding ladder


            Suzuki 140

            A new gas tank

            Finsh the top deck

            All the miscl. hardware / fastners

            Someone with more of a 'clue' than I to help me make it all come together.
            Steve 171 Mako[br]Jupiter, FL.


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              If the power on the boat exceeds the lable max you won't have a problem until you have an insurance claim and a savvy adjuster. Then, beware. Your liability is your greatest exposure in this case.


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                ahill, you are correct about the insurance. I went to my insurance agent today and was explained this exact topic. He said that if you file a claim with a boat with more than it's rated horsepower, you WILL lose out. He specifically asked me if I was 100% sure of the hulls rated horsepower and he double checked it. I'm not gonna take the chance myself, definitely not by overpowering by only 5 horses.
                1983 254 [br]Twin 200 Yamaha HPDI\'s[br]Richie [br]Biloxi, MS


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                  I was looking at some old posts on the topic, and the tohatsu tldi 90 was given a strong "buy" rating. Given that the TLDI 115 is coming out this year, I would love to hear what people think. For right now, my OMC 110 is fine, but once I smack into some rocks (or decide to repaint otherwise) I will probably put one of those on. By then they should have worked the kinks out.

                  How come no one has said anything about the Yammy 2s?

                  Lastly, I have always wondered about putting two 65 hps or 4x30hps on the back of a 17. Why is this a bad idea? The big guys get away with it, and I think the total weight is actually less. I bet 4x 30hps get better gas miles than 1x 150 also. PLus it looks way cooler.
                  --[br]best,[br]Ken[br]Woods Hole, MA[br]Mako angler 17 (1988) [br]Evenrude 110 (1990)