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1968 Mako 19 Teak 1'' x 1'' Hull Rail

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  • 1968 Mako 19 Teak 1'' x 1'' Hull Rail

    I have a chance to purchase my first Mako Classic. The boat has a Teak Hull Rail on the outside about 1.5 foot below the black rub rail. It begins at the bow keel and ends about 3/4 down each side. Would anyone know if this feature was part of the original design or perhaps some kind of an add-on? I think someone may have added it because of a bad stringed (guess)? Should I stay away from this one? Welcome any commets..thanks!

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    QUOTE: bow keel That's called the Stem.

    I think your right about the add-on. Someone made some spray rails.

    How does it look? Neat and clean or Dog S**t?

    Got a pix?


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      Many thanks for your reply. I went to see the boat today and noticed that portions of the deck was soft. This boat may be a money pit. Not sure if I should let it go. They want $1000 for it. Here are the pics. Sorry I took the pictures but cannot figure how to insert them. I will try later.