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    I have recently purchased a 1977 254 project and am having some issues with trying to repower it. The original engines are twin 200 johnson w/20" shafts. I would like to put at least 2 20" 150 Yamahas on the stern. I am trying to find two 20" engines to repower my boat with but it is becoming a bigger task than first thought. I know I can build the transom up or use jack plates for 25" shafts but I did not want to threaten the integrity of the transom. Do you have any advice??

    Rooster[br]1977 25CC[br]New Orleans, La[br][br]

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    Build the transom up 5in. This will help water from being shiped over the transom. If the transom is sound already, this is not a very big job.


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      If it is a true 1977 25 it wouldn't be a 254 just a 25 as what my family has. We have gone round and round about if we would ever put twin engines on our boat. One of the reasons you are having trouble finding engines with the right length is that certain model of 25 was designed for a single engine only. We even went to the extent of calling some friends at Mako to find out whether it would be smart to put twins on our boat. We were told that the transom was not meant to hold the additional weight. Having the additional weight on the transom will ultimately lead to the inevitably of rebuilding the transom. This is one of the reasons I think many people have to rebuild their transoms, too much weight on a transom that wasn't meant to carry two engines. The other reason is that with that added weight and power, people run their boats too hard and don't take into consideration the stress they put on their transom.

      Hope this helps!

      Martin[br]McKinney, TX


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        I have a 1988 254 with single motor 1998 225 Evinrude 25 inch .The single motor pushes our boat at cruise 28 mph wot is 38 mph.The 254's where made with 25" transom for single motor and 30" transom for twin motors.

        GulfBreeze Fl.

        Gulf Breeze Fl.


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          My good friend (who owns a restoration company that does tons of work on Makos) owns a 1983 Mako 254. It is powered by a 1999 Evinrude 225 Ocean Pro with 30 inch shaft. It does about 37-38 at WOT. When he bought the bought he replaced the transom and raised it to 30 inches. He also added custom aluminum swim platforms on either side of the motor...pretty cool...helps his dog get in and out of the boat at the beach, plus it is good place to sit when you're not fishing.

          A single 225, 250 or even a 300 would be a good way to go on a 254. Less weight and less money than buying twins.



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            Hello I have a 1984 250 with a yamaha 250 it pushes the boat at about 28 mph cruise at 3700-3800 depending on the seas single the way to go

            Good luck


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              Warthog is right. Add height and you can install counter rotation engines from several manufacturers. If you have concerns about the additional strain on the raised portion, you can add a stainless steel angle for a top cap stiffener on the transom.

              You can just see the ss cap on my transon. It is about 1/4" thick with 1 1/2" x 3" angles. Just make sure it is bedded and sealed properly.When I repowered in 2003 I elected to leave the transom as original and simply added the cap shown.

              By the way, This transom is the original 1978. Twin engines have been on her since new without failures or stress cracks.
              Ole Joe
              Just floundering around
              Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania
              1978 Mako 25, Sold


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                [font=Times New Roman][/font=Times New Romanid="size2">id="blue">[img][/img]

                I own a 1983 254 with twin 150 yamahas attached to the transom with a stainless steel cap for strength.Originally purchased by my father until his death in 1991.Twin brother buys it and brings it 2000 miles away to Lake Minnetonka in Manneapolis,MN.Used it maybe 3 month out of the year for 6 years.Fresh water was VERY kind to the boat.In 1997,I -bought the boat and 2000 miles back to So.Fl.Total engine hours were 320.But the electronics,cushions,teak etc needed updating.

                So,I completely refitted the boat.EVERYTHING!!!

                Cost??? well,more than the boat is worth,but hey everything works and is reliable.

                I know that on 2 occasions I spun the prop on each motor.If it had been a single I would of been SOL.I my case,I just raised the non working motor and put her on a plane with the other.

                She cruises at 28mph @3500rpm and hits 45 [email protected] rpm.Fuel consumption 16-18gph at cruise.At WOT must be 24-25gph.

                Garmin 285 gps/plotter,great to have on board.

                I'll try to attach pic but not sure how to.[8)][img][/img]


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                  Sorry for the confusion the boat is a 25cc not a 254. Since the posting I have decided to put a single Yamaha 250 on with the advice of my fellow mako owners. Any and all advice is welcomed.
                  Rooster[br]1977 25CC[br]New Orleans, La[br][br]


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                    Just my opinion...I would avoid that Yamaha at all cost. Folks are having serious problems with the big yamahas.

                    If it were me......Etec.


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                      Pic before going in to repower. Any constructive critcism?

                      Rooster[br]1977 25CC[br]New Orleans, La[br][br]


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                        WOW!! It seems everything is original on the boat. That is the original bow rail and grab rail around the original windsheild. That is a sweet boat!! That big leaning post in the back sure takes up a lot of cockpit space though.

                        Columbus, Georgia[br]1973 Mako 17 angler \"Reel\'s Angler\"