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    I have a 200hp Yamaha V6 saltwater series on my 21. It started right up yesterday then stalled after 10 min of idle. Then would not recrank. 1 battery was weak so I had it checked and replaced. It fired up then stalled right away. I have since changed plugs and the battery switch, someone said they had one go bad. My fuel water seperator looked bad so I changed it drained gas from lines and changed the filter on the motor. It still will not start. The motor turns, even fires up for a few seconds now and then but wont run. I dont have any more ideas of what else to look into. I thought maybe fuel injectors are gummed up but not sure how to check. Any suggestions would help. Thanks guys.
    1987 231 with 200 Yamaha[br]Stuart, Fl

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    Need to find out if it's fuel problem or spark problem. First check to see that the spark is good at the plugs. Pull the plug wires off of the plugs in the motor. Use your old spark plug cliped into the plug wire and ground that spark plug to the engine block. You may need to do this latter in the evening so you can see the spark jump better and have someone else spin the motor over while you watch. Do it for every spark plug wire.


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      Check the fuel pump and fuel line. I had a similar problem and it turned out to be the fuel line. It had a section that had rotted out for about 4", and more air than fuel was being sucked into the engine. Just a thought.
      Captain Scott[br][email protected][br]Fort Lauderdale, FL