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1970 Mako c.c. hull and trailer no power for sale

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  • 1970 Mako c.c. hull and trailer no power for sale

    I would gladly take and $$$ offers for this hull or possible trades.

    The boat is located in Miami and I have all the paper work.

    Must the next two weeks.

    You can contact me by phone @ 786 417-8731

    or e- mail me @ [email protected]

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    Sorry, forgot to mention that the hull is a 22 footer.

    any questions?


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      Most of us are gonna need a ballpark estimate... I wouldn't want to insult you with a way-too-low offer, but then again, wouldn't want to get taken. I recently paid $1500 for my boat (see below) with trailer and titles.

      What's the condition of the hull? What's the condition of the trailer? Are both titled?
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        OK more info about the hull...

        the transom needs to be rebuilt

        the top is ok but could use a fresh coat of paint

        the bottom paint looks like it was done a few years back looks good(yellow)

        has a bimini top that the stiching has come off but can be salvaged

        two captain chairs

        I have the title for the hull but not the trailer.

        I am looking in for about $800 or the best offer within the next two weeks. So make an offer.

        If you really want to see pictures of it I have a friend who will do it for me if I ask.

        pass that I really am not an expert about the rest of the boat so that is all I can tell you for now.