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Seems like someone is always looking for a 25 CC

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  • Seems like someone is always looking for a 25 CC

    Not mine, just noticed it and thought I would share.

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    I saw that one! Im one of the many looking for a 25.

    Problem with this one and so many like it is they are asking way way too much. Look at this one. Floor has original floor paint. That shows the floor most likely has core rot and Ill garaunyee You the foam and tank are shot. These old makos are great hulls to rebuild but when people try to sell with outdated electronics and junk motors for more than double what the hull is worth no one buys them.

    Theres one painted like the general lee same thing asking way too much and they never sell.

    I put 20 grand into my 21. That included foam transom glass paint and new motor. No but me with a brain is going to pay 12000 for a 25 then rebuild and or repower. By then youre close to the price of a much newer used boat.

    I dont care how pretty it looks or about it he rebuilt(junk) motors. I rebuilding everything and repower. Sell me THE HULL not the bells and whistles us d up sh$!& thats worthless. Sell the hull thats what folks want. Project hull not used up old junk thats overpriced


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      Ask the seller- I just reached out and told him to keep the motors, t-top, LP and electronics and I would grab the hull and trailer fro 4200. Will see about the response.
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        I hope he goes for it. Be a great hull if You can get it. Theres a 23 in Ocean Isle and the guy wants 7000 I think.