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Anyone open to trades? Looking for a Mako 22-25

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  • Anyone open to trades? Looking for a Mako 22-25

    Grew up fishing deep water, got a chance to take out my 3 kids this weekend and wife. Was a test run in hopes to find a boat of our own. They had a blast, put them on 30+ Spanish. 100% of which my twin 9 year olds reeled in. I'm looking for a set up that I will pass on to my kids one day. A true part of the family adventure that could also carry us out to get after some deep water fish.

    So I have the green light, but have to sell my other toy first.

    So before I list it, I thought I would see if anyone has any interest in starting a food business.

    Value, potential sale will be 12-15k

    Food Trailer by springerpreston, on FlickrAll equipment is in excellent shape.

    Oven, 4 burner stove-been used 2-3 times

    2 bay fryer

    cook top

    fridge, with a cool top load area

    chest freezer

    5000w generator

    Hot water heater

    AC or battery operated water pump

    new motor for ventilation system

    Old decals need removing, and I will replace all the tires before I sell/trade it. It has not really been used much since it was custom build in NC. It was never toed, and has stayed in NC since being built.

    I had big dreams of doing a fish taco truck, and have used it more for cook outs and with friends for fun. Album of what I have, I'm working on a video walk through as well.[email protected]/8598Ss
    Educator, that likes to build stuff...looking for a project, always.[br]Iron Station, NC...Brunswick County when able.

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    big difference between a 20'and a 24'if you plan on leaving an inlet. And with some family, I'd say start at 22's,the 221's and 231's great family boats, cool looking food truck have always thought about something like that 25 plus years in restaurant biz among too many other things haha