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Offshore jigging tackle for sale

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  • Offshore jigging tackle for sale

    A friend has asked me to list his offshore jigging tackle. Every piece listed is either new or like new.

    Shimano TFS 63 M spinning jigging rod with Shimano Stratic ST 8000 SH (with 2 spools). The rod is rated for 30# to 65# braid and 55gr. to 165gr. jigs.


    Shimano Trevala TVC 58 XH conventional jigging rod with Avet MXJ 5.8 reel. The rod is rated for 65# to 200# braided line and 160 gr. to 270 gr. jigs


    Shimano Butterfly jigs, $10.00 ea.

    Williamson butterfly jigs, $7.00 ea.

    Shimano Pink 80 gr. Lucanus, $12.00 ea.

    Shimano Green 150 gr. Lucanus, $15.00

    Lucanus knock off jigs, $7.00 ea.

    Spro bucktails, $4.00 ea.

    Small bucktails and jig heads, $2.00 ea.

    For purchase or more information contact Earl Young at

    [email protected]

    Or, contact me and I will try to assist.
    Ole Joe
    Just floundering around
    White Hall, Maryland
    1978 Mako 25