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  • drop in fish box

    Guys- I would really like to know what this is? "drop in fish box"

    Never heard of one.

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    I just assumed they were referring to the drop in storage boxes at the stern of the boat and someone is just calling it by the wrong name. Just a guess though.


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      This is what they are I just called them a fish box, other called them drop in's.

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        I'm sure you have gotten your answer to this by now but..I have an 88- 231 and those are the drop in boxes that go in two stern compartments, port and starboard. You can see the cover to the port compartment they go in, in the lower picture of my boat, I suppose originally they were intended to be used as fish boxes but they drain into the bilge as does almost everything else in that year so I just use then for storage...don't want a bunch of scales and offal in the bilge.


        Bob S