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  • WTB Small piece of Starboard

    Hello all - Thank you for looking - I am completing a project and need a small piece of 3/4 inch starboard I only need a piece 12" long 3" wide and again 3/4" thick ..This stuff is EXPENSIVE! I don't want to buy a 12x27x3/4 piece for $95.00 just to carve out the little piece I need. I was hoping someone would have some left over from one of their projects. (other than thickness size doesn't have to be exact I can cut etc)I am happy to pay a reasonable price to help you offset your original cost.. (plus shipping of course)

    Thanks again for looking.

    Best Regards,

    Bob S

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    Are you saying 12X3x3/4 inches or 12 inches by 3 feet by 3/4 thick?id="Times New Roman">id="size3">
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      Depending on what you need it for, the expanded PVC trim available at Lowes and HD might work for you and save some money. Ive used it quite a bit as it has some advantages over starboard, especially in that it readily bonds to other materials so it can be glued and painted.
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        Thank You to all who responded..Problem Solved!!

        Now, does anybody on CM have the ability to get Spring here a little faster and melt this snow up here in New England..erughh

        Best wishes for a good season to all Bob S.


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          Your boat looks great. Who did your canvas work? Looking for a source for a 1988 231.