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WTB a Mako CC 19-22

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  • WTB a Mako CC 19-22

    I would take a Mako 192 or another 20-22' CC

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    What area/distance you willing to travel to buy?
    1992 211 w/175 OptiMax
    Glen Campbell, Pa.


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      1973 20\' Mako[br][br]Old Lyme, CT


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        Never really thought how far I would go but I recently looked at a boat in Florida because I happened to be there visiting relatives. Still thinking about that boat actually but I don't like the power on it. To answer your question, I got some time on my hands so I would be willing to travel for the right boat .


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          Throwing mine in the mix -- 1992 Mako 191 Classic with a 2013 Yamaha 4 Stroke.


          While it's not a 20-22', it's a very solid 19' with a deep vee (25" shaft on the motor), so it rides through chop like a bigger boat. I absolutely love this boat, but I am using my other boat too much to justify keeping both.

          Not sure where you're located, but it is currently in Jacksonville, FL and I'm happy to take a weekend trip to bring it anywhere within the Southeast if there's a hard verbal commitment.
          I\'m just an all around motor boater.[br]1992 Mako 191


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            Looks like a real nice boat but I have never been on the 191 and I think it will be too small for my needs. The only reason I went to see the 192 was because it was close to my moms place in Florida and it has an 86 beam. I think that model is the only 19 ft boat I would consider, unless I find another manufacturer that has one with that beam. There is a 191 for sale not that far from me, maybe I will go see it and if its something that interests me I will get in touch with you. Thank you


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              I have my 1978 Mako 20 for sale. It has a Merc 135 (closer to 150 after the rebuild. Only about 80 hours since the engine rebuild.

              Here is the CL link.

              Mike[br]1978 Mako20[br]1996 150 Merc[br]