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1994 221b project

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  • 1994 221b project

    In the process of buying a new house and already have a new 24’ center console so I’m looking for someone that’s interested in the project boat. Needs transom and stringers and located in south Florida. On a galvanized trailer that has new brakes, no rust, and is built like a tank

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    Generally speaking price, location, details and photos are super helpful when selling something.


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      Sorry about that. The boats in Naples Florida, it definitely needs work for sure. The platform and motor are off the boat. And as far as money I have roughly $1500 in the new brakes, hubs, and stuff so I’m honestly just looking for someone that wants to do the work and has what I have into it (trailer is worth more than that lol)


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        Is the transom solid? Tank? How's the glass?
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          Glass needs some work, needs transom and stringers and if you’re going that far then might as well do the tank


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            Is this still available? If so could you please send me an email? Rbenitez44 at gmail dot com
            thank you


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              I sent you an email

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            Is this still available? I am in the market for a one off project.
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