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1975 Mako 20' CC for sale, Rhode Island

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  • 1975 Mako 20' CC for sale, Rhode Island

    I'm looking to sell our 1975 Mako 20'. It has entered project boat territory and I don't have the time to properly address the issues.
    Some details.....

    - Engine is a 2010 Yamaha 115 with 790 hours. Serviced every year and not run very hard. See the latest hours report from Dec 2020.
    - There is some swelling in the deck in the back of the boat. Maybe 1'-2' forward from the drains, you can see the cracking.
    - The fuel tank needs to be replaced. This is the 2nd one in the boat. I got some fumes and a sheen in the bilge when topping off the tank last year. I pressurized the tank with air to a few psi and heard a small hiss through the access port under the console in the big tank coffin hatch cover. I ran the boat last summer with <3/4 of a tank and had no odor. The leak is likely on the top of the tank, but should be dealt with.
    - The PVC pipe run to the front well, which is largely below water level, developed a very slow leak. I cut off the run so the well drains into the main bilge and capped the line forward of the aft well. The aft well still drains normally
    - Otherwise, the boat is in pretty good shape for being 45 years old. Some nicks and dings, but else nothing major.

    I can get some better photos if someone is interested. It is currently under a canvas cover.

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    price and location thanks


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      I was asking $7,000.
      The boat is in Wakefield / Pt Judith RI.
      - Chris


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        I’m interested in looking at the boat, I’m in East Greenwich.