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1986 Mako 21B rear storage insert (Tub)

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  • 1986 Mako 21B rear storage insert (Tub)

    My first post as a new member. I have been reading this Classic Mako posts for years and I'm hooked. I have 2 1986 Mako 21B Project boats, one of witch is almost complete. One boat is missing 1 of the rear storage compartment drop in tubs and the other boat is missing both of them. If anyone knows of a place to purchase the type of tubs or any one on this forum has one or some please let me know. Also I'm not sure how to retrieve messages yet so here's my email [email protected] Thanks in advance,

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    From what I have heard they are really hard to come by! Good luck


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      1986 Mako 21b Transom Questions

      As I'm getting ready to do a transom replacement on my 1986 21b I borrowed a moisture meter from a friend and of course more moisture than I had hoped for in several areas of the transom. I went around the entire boat and it seams to be in good condition other than a couple areas, one being the port side stringer as the meter shows 20 to 25. I then started reaching in as far as i could reach through the rear floor access holes to feel the foam areas under the floor. The port side is dry and normal and the starboard side is wet at the bottom. Sorry for such a long post but I figured this would be the place to get the best advice. Anyhow, the entire floor of the boat shows 15 and lower on the meter, My question is, how to access this foam and stringer? I do have plans to replace the original fuel tank and not sure how much access I would have if I remove the coffin? I've done other fiberglass projects in the past so some of this work seems pretty strait forward and some I'm clueless, for instance if some of the floor needs to be removed and reinstalled, it seem impossible to fare in and tab the under side of any of that part of the job. Also can I reach the stringer and wet foam from the removed transom area? I've checked out many projects on CM and still don't see how to tab and seal or glass in the back or bottom sides of this type of work. I'm new to posting on this site and want to say thank you everyone for all the great stuff! Sorry again for the long read and thanks in advance for any helpful info.
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