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5/20 Funament Scouting trip

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  • 5/20 Funament Scouting trip

    Finally got the boat in the water and ran out to Destin and played on the beaches. Also there was a Poker run and boat show going on so the water was just a little bit crowded.

    I did a very good dead by pulling this thing out of the channel *right* before three 35 - 40' go fast's came roaring by which had to wave away as they were coming right for it. Notice the nice rusty nails sticking up...

    My buddy works for MarineMax and fishing the Gulf Coast billfishing tournaments with the Bertrams. Here is his new ride, a Bertram 670 enclosed bridge. The outriggers were hydraulically operated and there were three camers on the boat - one by each outrigger and one up on the bridge all facing aft. During the show they had the 50" Plasma in the saloon with a split screen, ESPN on one side, and the camera feeds on the other. He showed me the mics and recorders for each - you hook up your anglers like a tv show, then carry a remote control and when a fish hits you hit the record button and all three start recording the action with sound so you have a record of the fight. Not bad for $3.6MM. Oh yeah, you get a 2,000 gallon fuel tank which gives you about 400 miles of cruising range. [:u] The coolest thing was the gyro stabilizers in the engine room. They looked like huge generators with large flywheels that kept the boat from rocking an inch.

    Michigan Dave - notice the color on of the Bertram??? [8D]

    Later in the afternoon we pulled up on the beach across from the Funament site - there was literally no room on the beach at Destin. Here is a picture of Conlin with a stick that he kept calling his fishing pole - I think the boy is on the right track. [8D] The boat ramp is directly behind his left ear and the Funament site is just out of the frame.

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    Nice Pix's Steve. [] He's really growing.


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      I just want to be there. I dont even care if I get a big fish or not. dave.
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        That's exactly the way I feel Dave. I've been busting it EVERY day to be ready.

        The Windless got bolted on today. It's freaking hot out there now.


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          It’s hot here also, and I am ready to go to Florida.

          We are heading out early Wednesday AM. If someone needs something from the Houston area, speak now or pay the shipping. hehehe
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            What a great weekend in Destin. There were boats everywhere and lots of sight seeing to be had.

            The water color is more like July than June - but I do believe there are no fish left in the gulf after all those hurricanes. Nathan and I fished for 8 hours Sunday and hit 6 spots and caught one fish. Maybe Fletch will send some of those Atlantic fish over our way [].

            We did meet up with a huge school of chicken Dolphin about 15 miles off shore. Of course this was on the way home, already late, and all the gear put away. The only opportunity of the day and we missed it. Oh well..

            We also took a trip to the Oriskany. It is 32 miles from East Pass and is pretty cool to look at on the sounder. There were three dive boats on top of it and probably 50 divers.

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