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2006 Destin Funament???

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  • 2006 Destin Funament???

    What is the Dustin Funament? Is it open to anyone?

    Thanks, Lucky711

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    June 9th - June 11th. Everyone is invited. Mako, no Mako, doesn't matter. There will be a bragging rights fishing tournament Friday and Saturday with weigh in at one of the local bait shops. Sailor does a great job with organizing the whole thing.

    There are a couple of recent threads on timing, headcount, and T-Shirt order/purchase. Do a "search" and you'll find a lot of info. Hope you can make it. []
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      Lucky - all SOB's are welcome!!!! [8D][]

      SOB = Some Other Boat!!!

      Where do you live and what kind of boat do you have? The registration form will be posted later tonight so be sure to check back.

      Never mind. Just saw your picture of your VERY nice 261. Bring her down and come fish with us.
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        Its absolutely open to anyone and everyone who wants to have a great time.

        Yeah, bring your boat so I can find out what the stripped out 261B in my driveway is going to ride like.[B)] I know your trailer can get you down here!
        Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance