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Destin Fishing Forecast - 05-2006

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  • Destin Fishing Forecast - 05-2006

    This is from Take note of the numbers posted.... [8D]

    Bottom Fishing

    Snapper, Grouper and Amberjack will all be active this month. There are several ways to catch them and leading the way is butterfly jigging. There are several keys to being successful butterfly jigging. First of all is having the right size jig for the depth of water. Second is having a high speed high power reel like the Shimano Torsa, Shimano Trinidad or maybe even the Shimano Torium. Then the proper rod like a Shimano Trevella rod which will seem to light at first glance but it is a new breed of material called TC4 which is extremely light weight, powerful and responsive. Lastly it is imperative to use braided line to get the required action. If you are going to give jigging a try come by and let us show you the system. It is a great alternative to bait fishing as it does not require you to buy or catch bait, it allows you to fish more effective and is great fun.

    Some places to try for snapper would be

    Urchin Reef Depth - 52' to 63'

    10 Foot Prefabricated Concrete Towers

    30.21.554N x 86.27.559W

    30.21.617N x 86.27.619W

    30.21.693N x 86.27.696W

    30.21.627N x 86.27.873W

    For Grouper try

    Prewitt Tugboat - 86 ft. Tugboat

    13779.0 x 47011.8 or N 30.03.689 x W 86.18.433

    And for Amberjack try

    Bob Reay Reef - 85 ft. Tugboat Belize Queen - Depth - 113'

    30.08.800N x 86.40.410W


    Kings should be plentiful this whole month, you can either free line live cigar minnows or troll with dead ones using dusters. I would troll a couple lines on the surface and a couple down deep using planners or a downrigger. A couple areas to try are the Broken Bottom 3018.233/8627.233 or Timber Holes 3010.993/8652.096. There should also be some school size dolphin near shore and some bonito to catch also. If you have kids and just need action try trolling a straw rig with spoon along the sand bars for Spanish, ladyfish and hard tails.

    Offshore Fishing

    This looks to be a excellent offshore season already in late April there were repots of lots of Sargasso weed and some dolphin. May is nice because there is plenty of weed lines near shore and you only have to travel 20 to 40 miles for some really good action. The weed lines normally form over the flats 2955.699/8640.732 and move towards the nipple 2951.597/8705.611 and down across the edge 3000.027/8631.687. There will be dolphin, wahoo and marlin well within reach.

    Bay Fishing

    Trout and reds are moving over the flats this month and fishing gets real exciting. You can find fish feeding in water for 6 inches to 3 feet and they will readily take top water plugs. The reds also like gold spoons bounced just off the bottom. Sheepsheads have moved into the bayous and can be found feeding around the bridge pilings of Cinco, Shalimar and Tom’s bayou Bridges.
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