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    does anyone know of anywhere or anybody that i can purchasde the storage bins that drop into the back hatches of a 1991 231 b series mako. i purchased the boat and they didnt have them. thanks any info would be great

    Mark Kanyha

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    Join the club.....

    When I bought my '92 221 they were also missing.

    I've searched and searched to no avail
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      Marc (Snappergapper) made one and it turned out pretty good. Popped on off of a damaged one he had....
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        I think the name is Marine Liquidators, not sure, but they are on the east side of US 1 between Ft Pierce and Vero Beach. I have been there many times and they have lots of good stuff, even out back and in the North warehouse. While they may be out of them for sale as themselves by now, notice on the top shelves toward the south side of the store they use the black Mako rear hatch Tubs to store fittings... This place is all about cash, I am sure they would gladly sell them to you and use a less expensive storage bin. I think they have a store on the west coast also but I have never been there.

        Happy Hunting.

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          Originally posted by bighamlin

          I think the name is Marine Liquidators, not sure, but they are on the east side of US 1 between Ft Pierce and Vero Beach.

          Going there this Saturday, can take a look around for you and let you know.
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            And didn't see any... You're talking about the long fish box ones, right?

            I asked one of the dudes there and they said if he had any they'd be outside in their graveyard looking area. Rummaged around there for a bit. Saw some hatches (not sure what vintage) but nothing else.

            Also no 231 badges but I wanted to make one anyway.

            Interesting place though, good place to get starboard scrap ($3/lb I think).

            I do have one fish box liner, was thinking of taking a plug or building a plug from scratch to make a new one. Wonder what the layup schedule would look like for that.
            1988 Mako 231[br]2008 Yamaha F225


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              mikanyha, I got mine from Marine Connection Liquidators, Fort Pierce. First through 3rd isle or so, as bighamlin said, they use them for merchandise. However they'll gladly sell them to you as they sold me mine. They have them in black or white and in varying sizes, bring measurements. If you go over, "bring the cash" and plan on spending time there, cause you'll find most anything you need for your Mako. That's my #1 stop every time before any other store. Good luck.