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New England Classic Mako Event - 2013

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  • New England Classic Mako Event - 2013

    Last year was a great time. Who's in for another?


    Sandy point again?

    Let's discuss !
    1973 20\' Mako[br][br]Old Lyme, CT

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    Can someone sticky this and pull the sticky from last years?
    1973 20\' Mako[br][br]Old Lyme, CT


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      The weather held me back last year but not this time however...

      August will be tough for me but once you set a date i'll see if i can fit it in.
      Pete[br]MaColAh III [br]93\' 261b[br]HO 200 hp ETEC\'s[br]Cape Cod[br]


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        July or sept could work too

        July is fast approaching though
        1973 20\' Mako[br][br]Old Lyme, CT


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          Where's the NE contingent???? After seeing all the fun there is to be had at the "real" funament, it really surprises me that a mini event up here gets no enthusiasm....

          Count us in again depending on the date.


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            Well it's looks like so far it's me you pat and ktug....night as wll pick a date and location hahaa

            1973 20\' Mako[br][br]Old Lyme, CT


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              If it is in CT (my old stomping ground) I will travel up and drag my brother out and hang out on your boats. Or put some gas in one and go fishing. I grew up in Brandford fishing the Point, Stoney Creek, Rips off Long Island, Blue fish in New Haven and many summers up on teh Cape. Would have loved to have my Mako back then
              [br]1984 Mako 224[br]1977 Mako 15[br]Clermont, Florida- [br] -Rewire[br] -Tank/Misc[br] - Aft Box removal


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                Once you get a date/location, I'll see what's going on. I'd love to make a New England event. Schedule is tough with 4 kids, 2 going to college in fall, but it would be fun.

                Weir Mako 21[br]1985 21B[br]Project 21B [br][br]Project 25 Contender [br] [br][br]