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  • Stroken
    Matt, if you know and deal with them personally, that normally will have best results. If you do get a conformation just send it to [email protected] and Amy will get it logged and get company logo for shirts and banner.

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  • brando
    Amy sent me the following

    We typically will accept any donation. In the past, most everything has been items Donated for either the raffle at the banquet or small items to go in captains bags! (Anything from brochures, sunscreen, Huggies, bottle openers, keychains, etc. I have attached the donation letter and flyer I have been using to send in when emailing the companies. The letter explains how we put the logo of the company on the funament shirt and a banner

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  • mist-oprtuna-t
    What are you guys lookng for in donations? Goodies for captains bags? Buckets? Money?

    I've got a few vendors I could call. Just need to know what to be looking for. Or should I just forward their contact and let the silver tounges do the tree shake'n

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  • brando
    Sorry snapper, I did send an email to frank at seasnell.

    I got a commitment for two bottles of Bloody Mary mix from Callahans Classic.

    Contacted our local brewery Roy pitz

    Reel draggin tackle

    Wahoo industries in VA

    Extreme led

    Coastal night lights

    US Composites


    Blue sea systems

    Boat US

    Saltwater sportsman

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  • snappergapper
    Yes same Seasnell company. Thanks fro all you are doing. I will provide feedback as soon as we go

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  • Stroken
    I missed my email that Brando was going to get Seasnell Marine- is that the same as Seasnell fabrication? I think tim just filled out a online form for Lowrance- so if you have connections- by all means go for it. Thank you!!

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  • snappergapper
    I will work on

    Ultimate Offshore

    Simrad-I know you said Lowrance but I have a few connections

    LandShark- Hopefully deliver earlier...Maybe mid-week[]

    StrikeZone Fishing

    Child-Sea-Port said

    SeaSnell Fabrication

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  • Stroken
    started a topic Donations/Sponsors for Funament

    Donations/Sponsors for Funament

    I am getting more interest in helping with the sponsors, so I am going to create this thread where we can correspond and keep up! Again, thank you all SO much for your help and support!

    (Below List updated 3-5-13)

    Below is who Tim and I have contacted:

    -Todd's Rigs & Lures (YES!)

    -Yeti Coolers (YES!)

    -SeaDek (YES!)

    -Bass Pro, Destin

    -Panama Jack

    -Meguiar's Waxes (will contact 45 days in advance)


    -Zebco (NO)

    -Shimano (NO)





    -Costa Del Mar

    -MB Marine Electronics



    Brandon (Brando)has been a huge help! Below are who he has contacted:

    -Waterway Systems


    -Jamestown Distributors (YES!)

    -Seawear (YES!)

    -Seasnell Fabrication (YES!)

    -Callahan's Classic Bloody Mary Mix (YES!)

    -Roy Pitz

    -Reel Draggin Tackle

    -Wahoo Industries

    -Extreme LED

    -Coastal Night Lights (YES!)

    -US Composites


    -Blue Sea Systems

    -Boat US (YES)

    -Saltwater Sportsman

    Marc Lillis (SnapperGapper) is contacting the following:

    -Ultimate Offshore



    -StrikeZone Fishing

    DogHouse241 Confirmed Academy Sports and Outdoors!

    ALSO- I wanted to remind everyone that those who have *YES!* next to them have been so generous to have agreed to donate towards our event. If at all possible, lets try to return this generousity when looking for their products! It really helps as we are contacting in the future years for them to remember our sales![] THANK YOU!

    Thank you all again for your help. If you would like to just email me or post on here who you contact (whether they commit ornot- so we dont duplicate!) This is where we will keep up with it! Thank you again!!! It sure helps to have some of you who buy from these companies to address them personally because they recognize a sale from it, rather than just a random girl calling!

    Side note-

    Below are a list of some who I have listed as possible contacts from the previous year (not ones who necessarily donated):

    -Capt Harry's (1-305-374-3713) -Blue Lizard (Fax Form) -Maui Babe (808-244-2102) -Columbia ([email protected]) -West Marine, Destin (850-269-0639) -Evinrude (847-689-6000) -Mercury (1-920-929-5040) -Honda (770-497-6400)- -Shakespere (800-466-5643) -Bullfrog Sunscreen -Mako Vodka - Sunshine Tanks ([email protected])