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Fuel eak Tank Problem - Mako 211 - 95' -Help !!

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  • Fuel eak Tank Problem - Mako 211 - 95' -Help !!

    Brand new to this forum. My Mako 211 (1995') started to leak fuel to bilge (3/4 tank full). Removed some fuel and now at 1/4 tankfull, no leak. Removing center console is no joke. How can I make sure that tank needs to be removed for repair. How hard is this project. How do I look for similar situations in this forum??


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    If you are getting a leak then it needs to be removed!!!! You need to first disconnect your batteries and remove them from the boat. Pull the console, fuel hatch, etc. You will need to remove the tank, buy a new one, and replace all hoses as well. You can use google to search the ClassicMako for many, many examples of fuel tank replacements. BTW welcome to ClassicMako!!!
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      Sailor summed it up for you. Lot of tank replacements on here. I did mine and it as a PITA, but doable . Good luck
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        Thanks for the information. Were can I buy a new tank for Mako 211, 95'?

        I need to know exactly how many attachment points to the tank... I've heard local stories of trying to remove Mako tank using fork lifter, the boat went up with tank, until it was jerked... then it came out...!