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Aug 12 2012 - North East Mako Gathering

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  • Aug 12 2012 - North East Mako Gathering

    Well the weather man lied to us all weekend. With threaats of rain and wind all weekend many of us wondered if this event was "destin" to fail. But... Us in the north east are used to cloudy crappy weather so we battled on and chose to meet up on Sunday.

    My day started by meeting up with my dad to trailer my boat from my house to the ramp ... About 5 mins down the road I found out the hard way why it's so important to tighten the trailer tongue onto the ball of the hitch... Yep you guessed it.. Trailer hopped of the hitch and luckily I was only going about thirty and was able to bring her to an easy stop. Jacked up the trailer quick and got it back on the truck and off to the ramp. Launched the boat and while motoring over to the dock about 1/2 mile away I got a low oil/ water in fuel alarm... Great of those days....i tied up the boat and called Patrick .

    Met up with Patrick at the Barn island ramp and our journey began over to sandy island.. Aboard Patrick's boat were Patrick, Patricks wife Alyssa, Patricks brother Zack, my wife Erin, myself and little baby Jackson.

    Upon arrival at Sandy island we found Troy and his family and anchored up.

    Later on Kevin and Tracy showed up aboard the 25' mako "Glory days" and Lloyd should up with Joe ( best dog ever!!) aboard his '75 20' classic, and a tad bit later the Char-ka--tack a 2000 Mako bay shark joined the fun!

    So in total there were about 18 of us, on 5 boats.

    Drank some adult beverages, chatted with new friends, played some horse shoes and enjoyed a beautiful day on the water and beach!

    Troy and Zack went out fishing with Troys boys and they even caught some fish..a bonus for such a great day!

    Thanks all who showed up and made this first annual event possible!

    Below are some pics from the day. Please post up any that you have!!

    Sorry for the crappy pics... I went to take pics with the real camera and the battery was dead.. So black berry pics it is....hopefully someone will have more and some better ones..

    Thanks again all!!!

    Great times!

    1973 20\' Mako[br][br]Old Lyme, CT

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    That is a great first gathering! Looks like a lot of fun!
    1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
    1985 Mako 20c - sold
    Fort Walton Beach, FL


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      Nice work Chris! The pics are good - no worries. I'm glad the weather was better than forecast.

      It was great to meet up with you all and to chit-chat about Makos, etc. on Sunday.

      Glad too I was able to get my buddy Lloyd to show up with his classic Mako and me with my newer Bayshark, later in the day. I had another Mako classic owner who was going to show but he had some flimsy excuse for staying home- his loss.[]

      I didn't catch exactly what names and people went with which boat(s) but that's just the way it works for me until I get to know people better- it all seems like a blurr of too much to take in in one meeting....

      Anyway, I'm Carter, (for future reference), one of the local (summer) Stonington Mako guys - here mostly during summer season; rest of the time my boat family and I are in VT.

      Sorry to hear you had boat problems on the way out to Sandy. Sounds like you figured a way around them though.

      Good luck with the baby.[]
      Char-K-tak (boat\'s name)[br]2000 Mako Bayshark & 2012 Yamaha F225XCA 4 stroke, & fly by wire control.[br]S.W. VT[br]


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        First of many!!

        If all goes well I will be anchored up off Essex on Sunday from 10 until 5

        All are welcome to join!
        1973 20\' Mako[br][br]Old Lyme, CT