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Mako Madness '05 Pics - Funament First Year!

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  • Mako Madness '05 Pics - Funament First Year!

    Here are some photos from our 1st Mako Madness gathering in Destin Florida. The fishing wasn't great, but we learned alot and most importantly had a great time on the water. It was great to meet these guys and hopefully next year we'll have a few more boats involved, as well as a few more kids getting involved.

    You'll see in the pics that its such a beautiful place to do some boating and enjoy the sun. I have a keen eye for Mako hulls, so there are a few boats in these pics that weren't accociated with our gathering, but maybe in future years we can get them involved. Except the Law Enforcement Mako... but it was a nice looking Mako hull and I had to take a pix.[]

    Ryan (MakoMyDay) at the helm, Bobby (Warthog) riding along side...

    Bobby, Ryan, Henry looking for baitfish...

    Yours Truly working the cast net...

    Bobby working the Cobia bait...

    A misc. Mako with a closed transom/bracket...

    Ryan and Bobby on the Intrepid, A sweet Regulator 32 packed with chicks...

    Matt's Mako 25 (mist-oprtuna-t)...

    Another misc. Mako with chicks and twin Johnny-Zukis...

    The Man in his Mako ruining someones day...

    Dave (Michigan Dave), Tim, and Bobby working on Patrick's (Patrick B) lowerunit.

    Dave and Tim...

    Patrick (Patrick B) and Jim (ManasotaMako) working on the lower unit...

    Jim (ManasotaMako), Patrick (Patrick B), and Erin (Patrick B's bride)... The Sea Buzzard flys again!

    Jim (ManasotaMako), Martha (Mrs. ManasotaMAko), and Patrick (Patrick B)

    A misc. Mako in Destin pass... Its a 261..

    Atrie's Boat (RudeAttitude) and Whisky River beached at the point...

    A Mako 314 anchored in Destin...

    Dave (Michagan Dave), Tim, & Brenda... Martha, Bobby, and Stephen (Sailor)

    Conlin (Sailor's young fella) and Martha... Brenda and Candace (Mrs. Sailor)

    Dave (Michagan Dave) and Patrick (Patrick B) cleaning some dinner...

    Srephen (Sailor) at the grill with Lance

    Stephen (Sailor), Artie (RudeAttitude) with his back to us, Artie's wife (Again forgot name), Michagan Dave with his back to us at the truck...

    Bobby (Warthog), Ryan (MakoMyDay), and myself in the background...

    Jim (ManasotaMako) taking a photo

    Matt (mist-oprtuna-t) and Scott Sutherland (Skeeter Bug)

    Richard's (Richard) Mako 17 bought from this forum (Kjndiver's boat)...

    MakoMyDay's Intrepid

    The Mississippi group on the beach (Maybe Artie can help me with names) I think Scott is in the water wet sanding over spray off of the RudeAttitude...

    Stephen (sailor) and myself presenting awards...

    Largest Fish Overall & Junior Division Winner: Tim Hodson (MichiganDaves son) 4.4 pound bonita

    Oddest Fish: Lance Moreland - Remora

    Bottom Slam: Tim Hodson - Bonita, Snapper, Spanish Mackeral

    Largest Fish: Henry Pecue III - large Remora

    Largest Fish: Patrick Barber (PatrickB) - flounder caught in 120 feet of water!

    Hard Luck award: Patrick Barber (PatrickB) - blown lower unit... Award presented by Jim (ManasotaMako) and donated by M&D Lures.

    Inshore Slam: Artie Sutherland - Several Red Snappers

    Oddest Fish: Erin Barber (PatrickB's wife) Squirrel Fish

    Farthest Traveled: Hodson Family (MichiganDave)

    Sportsman Award: Jim (ManasotaMako) and Martha Costa

    Golden Ring Award: Eddie Ring (Golden Ring award is a perpetual award for the person who greatly contributes to the world of owning a Mako.)

    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance

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    btt - for those who wonder what happened last year!
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      I love looking at these old pics from past Funaments.I sometimes get lost in them.
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        This thread made my day....Loved the pics and the memories...Thanks for bringing it back to the top!!
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          Wow that was really cool
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            Throuoghly enjoy the jog down memory lane... [][][8D]
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