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Captains Meeting Successfull - lost a boat

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  • Captains Meeting Successfull - lost a boat

    The Captains meeting was held today with ManasotaMako, Warthog, Michigan Dave (and Tim) and PatrickB joining later....after SeaTow gave him a lift. ManasotaMako brought a huge banner as well as some Captains bags full of goodies. We had a light turnout for the meeting, but there are several more on the way. Everything is on track and the weather and fishing looks great!

    PatrickB went out fishing today and on the way back apparently lost his lower unit. [:-(] We might take him over to my mechanic in the morning to see if they can get him up and running.

    I'll post more throughout the weekend. [8D]
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    Dang! Didn't Michigan Dave bring some parts???
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      You should have seen Michigan Dave and Warthog run over there when PatrickB pulled up!! [:x)]

      My boat is still being worked on so hopefully after two fly wheels, multiple power packs and who knows what else they have replaced, tested over the last two days, I will be fishing at least later this afternoon. I did get a call from Eddie last night about 10 AM and they were still several hours out, but they should be out on the water now.
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      1985 Mako 20c - sold
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        If any of you guys has access to a computer, those of us who could not make the trip would like a play by play of the events, catches and quantity of beers consumed! We're living vicariously through the web!
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          DestinBound - Dave didn't bring any parts, but he brought a whole bunch of tools. We planned a social hour from 6 - 7 and then dinner at 7 at a local eatery, but we ended up stretching the social hour until about 11:30 and getting some pizzas. We all had a good time, swapping stories and lies, and working on Patrick's boat. Patrick has bought a parts motor in Destin and is picking it up this morning with ManasotaMako. They are going to swap foots and try to get out on the water today for a little fishing.

          So far Tim (MichiganDave's son) is leading the tournament in both the Junior and the Adult divisions...but there was a lot of statagizing going on last night for today so we will see how it plays out.

          The cookout will be at 3 PM today and the weather is looks like it is going to be perfect!
          1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
          1985 Mako 20c - sold
          Fort Walton Beach, FL


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            It was a perfect day on the Santa Rosa sound today, It was good to finally meet everyone , and special thanks to Eddie , Steve, and Jim for putting this event together, it was some thing to never forget,my special thanks to everyone who had a hand in this special event,,
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              Too bad about the sore foot, but with the doctor and his tools hanging out what more could you ask for.

              It looked like you guys had a great day on Sat. I had to make a quick trip (relative word: 4.5 hrs down - 1hr meeting - 4.5hrs back) Saturday to Destin to meet our contractor and drop a bunch of junk off. I sure wanted to stop buy, but just couldn't squeeze it in.

              Next time! []
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                A great time was had by all. Even Patrick B and his lovely wife. [She's a real trooper][]

                The current was really ripping offshore. We hit 12 numbers on friday, before we found our first existance of structure. That hurricane really did a number on the wreaks offshore.

                michigan dave taught me a trick or two on those V6 Evenrude's.[]

                We had the foot off of Patrick B's boat in about 45min. That was working in the dark with a little pen flashlight.

                It was very nice to meet all the fine folk's and be able to put a face with the names.

                A Special BIG THANK'Sid="size6">id="blue">to




                Thank's to Ryan for taking me with them on the Intrepid.[]

                [Sweet Ride]


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                  Whew... I'm home. It was a great time. We on the Reelist (Intrepid) didn't catch anything but a baby red snapper and a trash sucker fish (forget what they call him). But I've been skunked before. Fishing a new area, especially after a big bottom changing event like a hurricaine, is difficult.

                  It was great to see and meet everyone. I can't say enough about how much effort Stephen (Sailor) and Jim and Martha (ManasotaMako) put into this thing. Thanks!

                  It was awesome to see the Hodson family down from Michigan (Dave Tim, and Brenda)! And then Patrick and his wife drove in from Georgia and really hit a stroke of bad luck, but there is a silver lining to every cloud... we have a group of gear heads and handy man types they are all always looking for a project or just to help out and thats what is great about this group. The Sea Buzzard was given a second chance this weekend thanks to the help of Jim, Stephen, Bobby, and Dave. Thanks guys!

                  Richard and his wife were able to show up for the raft up and cook out Satuday afternoon and it was great to see them. Kjndivers old Mako looked great in the water.

                  The Sutherland crew Artie, Scott, & Matt and family members showed up in 2 tricked out Mako 25's Artie's boat is really coming together well and is at least functional... more than I can say for mine. I also have to thank Artie for taking Dave and Tim out fishing. We were talking about how Tim would probably remember this weekend for the rest of his life... thats what its all about.

                  As usual, Bobby and I jawed about ideas of how to finish my boat. Its always good talking to him and sharing ideas. There are several types of guys in the world that you should just sit and listen while they talk... you'll learn something. Bobby and Dave are two guys that know a good bit about pretty much everything.

                  Stephen put together some awards that are really great. I'm really proud to have one for my desk. Again, thanks.

                  Thanks to all who provided groceries, drinks, ice, and other beverages for the cookout and wards ceremony. It was really nice.

                  Last of all... I affirmed what this is really all about. Its not so much about fishing, which is a great thing, but its about spending time with your friends and family in a beautiful setting. I had more fun meeting all the guys and their families than I did fishing. It was really neat to see a Mako raft up on the shoal in Destin Pass and then again at our motel on the bay.

                  I hope I didn't leave anything or anyone out. Next year should be even bigger and better. I hope we can get 20+ boats out there next year!

                  Thanks again to all who participated and helped![)][)][)][)][)]

                  I will get pixs posted sometime tomorrow (Monday). I will also get a new screen saver update out there during the week as well as get the new T-shirts up on the web for sale.
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                    When I went over the bridge Saturday afternoon I looked for you guys... Was hoping to see the cool banner Dave made. Wow were there a lot of boats on crab island!

                    With Bobby and Dave who needs MacGyver anyway!
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                      Made it back fine, what a trip. Im telling you guys it was Worth it.

                      had a great time!! Tim is still bragging about all the good luck he had and making plans for next year. The money he won in the raffle didnt make it past the first good fireworks store.Hehe just like his old man. We had good food and great fellowship all weekend long. One of my favourite parts is when we were out fishing on Arties boat and a proline with twin yamies pulled alongside and said "follow me the Edge is just a few miles further" I said to Artie "do you think you can keep up to that Proline" Man if that boat had wings I bet It could fly.!! My ears started flapping and my hat went overboard. Im still grinning.hheheh. The only thing I regret is having to come home. We decided a couple of weeks would have been cool.

                      Again hats off to Steve,Eddie,Jim,Martha, and the crew at the hotel for making this a weekend to remember. Also a special thanks to Mr. Artie Sutherland ('Rude Attitude) for inviting us on his boat. Capt. Artie your the best!!! hope you made it home safely. I vote we do it all again next year same place. I might even bring down the "blue dolphin"

                      (Tim and Brenda also offer there thanks for the fun.)

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                        Sounds like a really great time. Wish I could have been there! That's a long way to pull a boat - I'm sure it's worth the trip.

                        Maybe next year, my wife and I will fly down for the get together.

                        If ANY of you guys are ever in the NE and want to go fishing - just give me the word.

                        I would be happy to take you out on the cold salt water. Our ocean temp is still only 40 degrees. Bottom fishing for Cod, Haddock, Wolfish and Redfish is just turning on now. Stripers in a couple of weeks will be outstanding. Then Tuna and shark fishing....

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                          Glad to hear you made it back home Dave. We enjoyed meeting you and your family and we all certainly had a great time.

                          I will be posting the award results later tonight. [8D]
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