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  • Intrepid "Locked and Loaded"

    All geared up and ready to roll out. Looking at a midnight arrival if I'm lucky. 350 mile tow and I'm not leaving 'till after work--and I have to pick up Ring's sorry a$$!!Looking forward to it--I'll probably meet you guys Friday

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    Yep, It's a 3hr drive from my house to Eddie's. It's 1hr & 15min for me to get to Ft Walton Beach.

    Add the tow factor and you guy's will be a while.

    I've got the GPS number's download and the truck almost packed.

    Do you need my toss net? Or do you have one? I'm bringing my Garmin BlueChat chip's byt they will not fit your unit.


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      I'm going to pick up 2-stroker oil, boat soap, and non skid cleaner at lunch. As well as some stuff from the grocery. I have about 4 patients this afternoon and with my luck... this afternoon they will all show up since I want to get away early! None of it is productive work though... being that I just installed some new mini blinds inthe office... I haven't done crap yet today.
      Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance