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  • LocoMako Destin 2010

    Well.....we just are getting settled in. A few adjustments in travel plans and the Cox crew has arrived alive. I flew into Ft. Walton and low and behold NJMako's wife was on my flight. I got caught up with Tim and Justin with their better halves on the dock and then this thing showed up shortly after. Plenty of pics and details to come.

    Side note: there are about 8 Florida State Law Enforcement FWL trucks and 4-5 boats in the parking lot.

    Brad, I guess you don't have to worry about getting your rods stolen this year. []

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    SWEET! We haven't seen any pics of Loco with the freshly painted bottom...Looks good Ed!

    Wish I was there, but I hope to see you guys around this time tomorrow.
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      Chuck - we will be here waiting on you. The bottom paint and new custom ScottC "emblems" turned out very nice. Looks like crap on the trailer but fits nice in the water.

      I can't wait for you to see Leo's Toyota portable kitchen on wheels. This thing is WILD!

      You and the family have a safe trip over!


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        I want to send a big THANKS to Sailor for giving up all this fun to clean up our playground that we take for granted. Also a big thanks to his wife, Candie, and (Dave and Tim!) Without the help of getting the goods to me, this event would have been a bad joke gone wrong! Thanks to you all!

        Tonight's Captains Call was not without it's charm. Granted, it was somewhat smaller than last year (Since the rock star Sailor was not there, the opening act just had its local followers)....and a few folks just made it in late or were too "fried" to make it....TC)

        (He is blaming Tim (Stroken) but I just don't see how a research scientist can't figure out how to use suntan lotion,

        Though a few folks will (hopefully) show later, we still were able to shake hands, laugh, and enjoy the camaraderie.)


        Our friend Leo showed up in a white, dual axel smoker truck (that looks just like a 1984 Toyota Hi-Lux Truck) appeared and offered it to help out with the food on Saturday. I plan to show this beast tomorrow!

        In this photo right to left is NJMako, Doc Fees, ssfixs, seaplane1978 (the only guy with no boat) Stroken, Grupa Lips (name of boat, new member of a nice 231) LocoMako, ReelAttitude)


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          Made it back to Perdido Key this morning. I really didn't want to leave but we needed to get back. I have plenty of pics and will post up tonight. I can't tell y'all how much fun I had this year. I thought the banquet was a huge hit and REALLY appreciate everyones help. We also had some great ideas that I would like to see implemented next year. Even though the hotel is very accommodating, it's just too darn far away. With the help of DestinBound, we can take a good look at getting some group rates at Sand Piper Cove.

          Hope everyone makes it back safe!


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            Me & Stroken

            Go Titans

            War Eagle!

            Loco on his Mako

            Leo & Loco

            The Banquet


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              Allen, I have to say this year has been some of the better pictures, I will be working on all of mine hear shorthly
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                Post them all! I need "meat" for the video[]