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  • Awards Banquet Pics

    This first group of pics are the awards. Sailor will follow up and put

    in names and categories. [captions edited by Stephen aka Sailor]

    Stephen & Eddie present to David Bronson for Offshore Slam

    Gayle Crane - Inshore Slam

    Nick Dodge - Inshore Oddest Fish Award, shortened to "Oddest" - Nick

    didn't fish, but he showed up and was the first funament so we had fun

    with him and gave him the oddest award!

    Thom Crane - Inshore "Largest Buzz"!

    Beth Baldridge - Ladies Largest Fish Award

    Debbie Sutherland - Oddest Catch - was actually for the Oddest use of

    fishing equipment! We are still waiting on a picture......

    Erica - Sportsman Award, Erica is a trooper and welcome to any Funament

    - it was reported they were locked out of their condo, stayed up to 5 AM

    with the neighbors, slept for two hours, went out in the boat, THEN she

    cooked all of the burgers and dogs on the grill in the afternoon. That

    is what it is all about!!!

    David Bronson - Farthest Traveled

    Chuck Baldridge - First Fish Weighed - this may become a ChuckB

    perpetual trophy!

    Bobby Wartman - Oldest Boat Award (Amazing isn't it???)

    Allen Cox - JUNIOR Angler Oddest Catch!!!

    Stephen proudly presenting the Junior Angler Largest Fish award to my

    son Conlin for a 6.8lb King mackeral that he caught!!

    Stephen & Eddie presenting award with Conlin and mom

    Conlin winning the Junior Slam award for two catfish, two pinfish, one

    grunt and one king mackeral!

    This next group of pics are the Raffle winners! Again, the best turnout

    we've had in our 5 years. I am missing pics of Artie and Debbie. They

    (well Debbie actually) were the winners of the BIG final cash prize we

    give away. They (well Debbie actually) made off with $115 each!

    My wife made off with all the cash... All I got was this silly hat.[][][][B)][B)]

    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance