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  • 3rd Times a Charm...

    This year has been my best yet - even though I did best fishing in '07. The boys are getting older and easier, we are getting more familiar/comfortable with the area, we had a great location (condo), and were part of best turn out ever. It was great seeing all the regulars and really enjoyed meeting many others for the 1st time. I hope to see everyone back next year + more.

    I got some really cool pics of all the Mako's beached at the point, but you have already seen some and I suspect there are more to come better than mine. I hung out a bunch and drank plenty of beer but we did actually catch a few fish...

    This is actually Beth's but she didn't want pic taken/posted in suit [}]. It was actually entertaining watching...she was begging for help as I refused and threatened not to let go of new rod n reel all while laughing []. Last years king was ~6lbs bigger but was 1st caught and on a 330, she caught this after several bonito and a spanish and it was caught on spinning reel.

    Right before I lost out largest fish of the tourney - a king in the 15lb-20lb range [B)].

    Jack made in the shade at the point

    Family playing @ point (stole pic from Allen)

    Looking south from balcony

    Looking north from balcony

    All morning we heard the roar of diesel engines heading in and out the pass [8D].

    Me and the boys on Father's Day...I obviously hadn't informed we were about to head home [V]

    check out Connor's PJ's []

    Another re post - I stole from David b/c I really like...

    And I like this shot of my ole girl.

    Again had a blast hanging with everyone and missed a few this year. Ed and Allen, had a blast and Connor said to tell you ROLL TIDE! David I hope you make it back with TC in tow and stop and get Thadeus and Darryl on your way. Troy...good thing you live so far away because Jack is already smitten. Tim I felt like I already knew and glad you could make it. Etc, etc, etc...
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    The boys looked like they had a good time. daryl and my boy and I will make the trip next time. Just checked my tracking # for my foam will be here thur CANT WAIT. 4 pound foam my boats new name is USS MAKO BATTLESHIP!
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      Great pics Chuck.It was great to finally meet you and all the others.I agree that it feels like I already knew everyone.BTW,I'm glad I live far away too,although your boys are just the type that I would approve of.[]
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        Chuck It was very nice to meet you to man, I know I'll see you again at destin next year, but if you need help with that mako over the winter and i'm not on the house give me a shout and ill try to help out...
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          Whoops [:I]...

          Steve thank you again for doing and wonderful job. Your were thrown a little curve ball Saturday evening and prevailed, I just hope my kids bouncing off the walls didn't annoy anyone too much. Congrats to Conlin on a great Funament and making dad proud. I can't wait until my boys are ready to give some competition.

          Artie...couldn't imagine a Funament without you. When I need a hand putting boat in the water, adjusting throttle, pulling boat when fun is over, or just need someone to give me a hard time my buddy Artie is always there. THANKS AGAIN!
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            It was damn nice meeting you this year. I must say that it was very cool turing into the harbor and seeing your boat beached up. I told Dad, "There is Chuck and Crew". He said, "Damn, we forgot the Auburn flag!" I figured you would recognize us. I want the down low on the condo next year. That place looked VURY nice. Hope you have a great July and come by and see us in Perdido soon. By the way, I hear the Blue Angles are doing a beach show very soon. Maybe I should start a thread?

            Have a good one!

            Cox & Crew


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              I lived in Fort Walton Beach for 4 years. Now that we moved away we have somewhere to vacation finally []. My brats look similar in age to yours and we usually get a place on the water there in destin and walk down the street to the beach right there in front of that condo you stayed in...calm water, shallower, just better for the kids altogether. I was planning on checking into that place for next year...I know they have a marina across the that where you kept your boat? Can you give me some details on where you booked that place?


              I started Emerald Coast Reef Association while I lived there and got a grant to do side scan sonar work (3D mapping of the bottom) I've got more digits than I can ever visit if you ever need some[].
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                Originally posted by jtsmith


                I started Emerald Coast Reef Association while I lived there and got a grant to do side scan sonar work (3D mapping of the bottom) I've got more digits than I can ever visit if you ever need some[].

                Really??? hmm, if you need anyone to check them out for you, I'm here year round and I started Emerald Coast Mako Owners Club. []
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                  jtsmith, We went through Destin Luxury Resorts and off top of my head don't remember if we were at East Pass Towers or Waterview Towers, but they are the condos at the end of Holiday Isle. Both condos have marinas across the street and we did keep boat in the water there - the only issue is/was trailer storage. My little guys are Connor (turned 3 in July) and Jack (16 months). I don't want them to grow up too fast, however I am ready for my fishing buddies. I fished more the season before Connor was born than I have fished the last 3 combined.

                  As for the bottom numbers...bring em on. I do and like it all types of fishing but if asked I will tell you I am a bottom fisherman and love fishing natural bottom. My 1st Destin trip mama didn't want to leave new baby to fish, so I had a fishing buddy come with me. We got some numbers for the edge and idled around until we found a cliff that looked fishy and quickly limited on nice snapper, caught grouper, and a couple too small AJ's - Good Times [8D]. Closer stuff to get the wife bottom fishing would be nice.
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