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  • Friday Fishing Report

    What a day! Started out with a nice sunrise in Destin where we caught a bunch of threadfin herring for bait, then a run about 16 miles to the SSW with a little bit of chop.

    The current was running one way and the wind the other, and with only two of us on board, it was difficult to bottom fish, but we did manage one undersize snapper, a legal triggerfish, a couple of rockfish and a just under size amberjack.

    Here I am hooked up with the Amberjack. He actually made a couple of runs where I ended up sticking half the rod in the water to ease the run.

    The amberjack:

    Here is my buddy John hooked up:

    Then we decided to troll to the West to hit some other numbers and we couldn't keep the King Mackeral off this red and white Stretch Mann. I told John that if he put that dang thing back out, he was realing them in!

    We hit the other numbers with not much luck and with the SW wind kicking up to 10 - 15, we started the run in, but it became clear real quick that we needed the windshield down to stay dry!

    I turned around real quick between waves for obligatory wake shot

    After a quick stop at Noreiga Point on the way in to see the whole gang (I forgot to get a picture and was too busy admiring Eddie's boat) we headed home for some much needed desalting.

    Then I get home and find out that my mom and dad took Conlin fishing on the dock and he caught this fine mess of fish. Two catfish and three pinfish - all of which he is *mighty* proud of. Hopefully tomorrow morning I can put him on a little king mackeral or bonito! [8D]

    1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
    1985 Mako 20c - sold
    Fort Walton Beach, FL