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Captains Meeting '09 - New Funament Record!

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  • Captains Meeting '09 - New Funament Record!

    Wow! We have officially hit a new record and this year we have a record turnout of 20 captains, which is 19 boats, and 17 of them are Makos! The captains meeting went very well (sorry Ben no pictures) and it looks like a great weekend for fishing, although the high on Saturday is supposed to be 97!

    Tune in tomorrow for some pictures!
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    It was great meeting you tonight. I can't say thanks enough for putting this together. I hope oneday we can reserve an entire hotel and have a dock full of Makos. At this rate, you all are not far. See you tomorrow!

    Locomako & Crew


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      slather on the sun screen and try to grab some shade
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        Sweet, sounds like a winner. What all Do I need to get besides a license when I get there tonight? And what do I need to be legal for SNAPPER??
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          new fed regulations require a venting tool, a hook remover and the use of circle hooks with natural bait.

          more info here

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            As a follow-up, the final tally was 22 boats registered!!!
            1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog[br]1985 Mako 20c - sold[br]Mary Esther, FL[br][br]