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Get a Florida Fishing license !

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  • Get a Florida Fishing license !

    They love to check out of towners

    Hope y'all have fun.

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    Got checked 3 times today. Wierd..... I don't mind, but I watched them let charter boat after charter boat, local after local go by and I get checked 3 times in 1 day?? Best part out it was they all run Contenders with Mercury Opti's.... I asked them to power down so I could here them talk. But left the E-Tecs runnin... [] They go[]a laugh out of it too.....
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      What Artie and Destinbound said...

      You don't want to have Red Snapper on board without a license... that could be a 4-figure fine. Then again, there aren't any Snapper around, right Artie?[]

      By the way Artie, I just spoke to Ed - he's not on the road yet, but he's trying, so I organized for him to keep his rig just down the street from you for the night (where my barge is tied up). Then he'll bring his trailer to my house once he splashes her. If you guys need to tie up another boat, there is room either side of my barge. Just tell 'em Adam said so.

      You're right, the Etecs don't make a sound when they're running on water. [}]
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