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    I'm so damn jealous[!][!][!] Maybe next year[V]
    \'79 20 175 \'rude[br]Sacramento, CA (Deep behind enemy lines!!)[br]...something fishy this way comes...[br][br]


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      Sorry to all who are following back home. I was not able to find enough time yesterday to post. After a ride on the X-Shark, seeing some Dolphin, then hanging out at Noriega Point, we headed back to the hotel for the awards banquet then closed out the day with a little socializing on the dock. We had a fantastic time and can't wait for next year. Thanks to Eddie (Ringleader) and Steve (Sailor) for putting on such a great event.

      Bobby & Dad on the X-Shark

      The water looked like the Caribbean

      I could not grab the camera in time but we had Flipper come up and say hi. Some more of the new sky line of Destin

      Enjoyed a low pass by a V-22 Osprey

      Me & Dad on the X-Shark

      The fine folks in the U.S. Coast Guard liked the X-Shark

      Coming into Destin Harbor

      Found someone with the right idea!

      This boat is the MERCURY. It looked like something that JFK would own.

      Dad and David (Triple Crown) getting ready for Shark Socializing

      Plenty of land sharks this year!

      Artie's baby was there to make sure very one was safe.

      Ed Cox (LocoMako) Eddie Ring (Ringleader) & David Bronson (Triple Crown)

      On the way back to the hotel, we followed this nice Classic 23. Vury Purdy!


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        Once we got back, it was time for the banquet. What a blast!

        Bobby spending some time with little Ring.

        Ringleader and Sailor getting things started.

        The plaques looked fantastic! 100 year old Teak!

        Dad winning the Largest Fishing Caught Offshore Division

        I won the Oddest Catch Junior Division. After catching so much flack about braces, how "young I look" , and being the youngest on the boat, the judgement went to me in the junior division. Thanks guys!

        David (Triple Crown) took home Longest Distance Traveled and Grand Slam!

        Me, Dad, and David

        Me, Dad, David, and Bobby (who one oldest boat) (I know there is a 1968 Mako 25 in Tennessee that needs to win this NEXT YEAR!)


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          Excellent pics. Great meeting everyone. This was the best turnout we've had in 5 years of doing this. I didn't catch anything this year but that's OK. I had a great time and the family was able to participate a bit more. Hopefully next year they will be able to participate even more.
          Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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            This year was very special to me. [8D]

            Everyone got a LOT of Sun.

            Tish at the helm on the Crows Nest. 1st time letting her play.

            Was I scared? No...Concerned? Yes. HaHa

            On "Temperance" dragging some Lures.

            She's got her "Sea Leg's" but still doesn't like to go Fast.

            She said "Are we gonn'a go Fast?"

            Eddie Hit the throttles and spun her up to about 46mph. We just grinned.[]

            Saturday night after the banquet there was a party on the dock with about a dozen people. That was a blast. We shut it down about midnight.



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              Eddie, it was sure nice to meet and talk with you, thanks for everything you do. []

              I cannot top Seaplanes pics but I have a couple here to add. I had a water spot on my lense the last day, bummer. [B)]

              To add to the XShark trip, here is Bobby giving Tish some lessons:

              She was rippen!

              I caught a couple of pics of Flipper:

              I caught Artie giving the gang the first class tour:

              At the cookout I had a couple of good ones, here is Bobby and Tish:

              This is Conlin (I hope I got the spelling right) Sailors son helping out![]

              Eddie and his son, the smile tells it all!:[]

              And lastly, and the end of the dock at a very late hour look who I found dancin![][8D]

              David, New Kent, Va

              Project Thread:


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                Bobby and David, those pics are great! I'm glad you got shots of Flipper.

                Wow, what a great time! Maybe we should have one twice a year!

                Dad cooked up some of the fish tonight. Man it was good! I think it tasted even that much better knowing who caught it! []

                Time for bed[|)]


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                  David - glad you got home. It is always a pleasure to meet someone from the forum and yup, you got the name right! Thanks!

                  I enjoyed hanging out on the dock after the banquet and glad you guys & girls kept it up. I can imagine the stories and tall tales kept coming! [8D]

                  Alan & Ed - that crazy person honking and flashing their lights at you as you drove by in Navarre on the way home was me.... [8D]

                  I'll get the formal awards up tomorrow morning - been out in the boat today - the Mako raft-up, then a late birthday party then another raft-up till 6:30 - time for sleep and rest now.... []
                  1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
                  1985 Mako 20c - sold
                  Fort Walton Beach, FL


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                    We had the BEST time this year, and enjoyed meeting MANY new people! Ed, Allen, and David, I had a good time with you guys and look forward to hanging again. This is a great thread that pretty much sums up the entire experience (even some nice pics of my old girl). I'll try and post our pics tomorrow - gotta get some zzz's for work.
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                    \'82 224 - Mobile, AL Gone but NEVER Forgotten -


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                      You all had so much fun, your all wiped out! []

                      Looking forward to more pics!!!!!

                      I want to be there next year with a boat in tow, and I expect to be there more than 3 days![]
                      ~Darryl[br]Concord, N.C.[br]\'78 20 175 Opti[br]darryl8n(AT)gmail(DOT)com[br][br]


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                        Man i wish i could have came!!! I torn my rotator cuff weekend before last at the lake and i was just not up to strain. I will be there next year fo' sho!!! Looks like a good time was had by all and keep the pictures coming!! Nice fish too!!
                        80\' 236 IB[br]Douglasville, Ga/Destin, FL[br]\"Yes I am a pirate 200yrs too late\"[br]North,East & West are directions SOUTH is a place![br][br]


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                          It was great to meet you guys looking forward to next year....maybe with a boat.
                          Nick Dodge[br]Maysville, GA[br]1990 Mako 261 Broken Arrow[br][br]Project Thread-


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                            dodge, great meeting you! Enjoyed the beer and tunes on Saturday night. Hope to see you with a boat next year. Your turn to host! []


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                              Looks like you guys had a great time. boat has been down for me. trim motor out. thats my luck. Ed and I didnt get to meet but thats ok. he got to have a fun time and thats what matters. hopefully maybe next year I can meet all of you. Take Care. Thanks for the pictures....